Dirtbag Republic-Tear Down Your Idols

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Reviewed:  September 2022

Released:  November 2021, Vanity Music Group

Rating:  4/5

Reviewer:  Buddy H

Starwood. Whisky a Go Go. The Roxy. Just hearing those names immediately brings back images of long hair, leather pants and young hungry bands with Les Paul guitars playing good old sleazy hard rock with attitude through “cranked-to-the-max” Marshall amps. It was an amazing scene to witness! What if you could go back to the Sunset Strip and experience its electrifying atmosphere right now in 2022? Well, I have just the time machine for you. Jump aboard Dirtbag Republic’s latest offering, TEAR DOWN YOUR IDOLS and hold on!

First, and foremost, this is a wonderfully indulgent slab of 100% guitar powered hard rock goodness! Period. The essence of those years gone by have been captured magnificently here. Sandy Hazard’s vocals are powerful and have just enough grit to make them absolutely perfect for this brand of hard rock. The rhythm and lead guitars provided by Mike Federici and Mick Wood, respectively, are crunchy and thick, giving each track that edgy attitude. The bottom end is driving and rock solid, handled with ease by Dave Worden on bass and Ed Nijjer on drums. Roger Salloum’s piano work adds subtle depth to these already chunky high-octane songs. The production is outstanding, allowing each note of those bluesy riffs and solos to be heard with maximum clarity.

The album is jam packed with up tempo rockers from start to finish. Extra kudos to Dirtbag Republic for not interrupting the all-important flow of the tunes by bucking the current trend of putting an unnecessary energy-draining ballad right in the middle! My favorite songs change frequently, but currently, “Main Objective,” “Wannabees,” “Days Are Gone,” “Did All I Could,” and “Turn Back Fast” are getting most of my attention. For this humble reviewer, these adrenaline-fueled air guitar inducing rockers are a great place to star for listeners unfamiliar with the band.

On TEAR DOWN YOUR IDOLS, Dirtbag Republic unapologetically pay homage to the legendary hard rock era of the Sunset Strip that dominated music circa 1985-1989. This collection is a must-have for fans of Hanoi Rocks, Cats In Boots, Dirty Looks and Little Caesar. If you’re longing for those days when hard rock ruled the land, please pick this up! I’m looking forward to watching Dirtbag Republic continue to grow and can’t wait to hear what they have for us next!

Track Listing:

  1. Main Objective
  2. Skinny
  3. Wannabees
  4. Days Are Gone
  5. Don’t Answer To No One
  6. Tear Down Your Idols
  7. Sorry
  8. Did All I Could
  9. Superficial
  10. When I Was Young
  11. Turn Back Fast


Sandy Hazard – Lead Vocals

Mick Wood – Lead Guitar

Mike Federici – Rhythm Guitar

Dave Worden – Bass

Roger Salloum – Piano

Ed Nijjer – Drums