Darkbard – And Then There Is Silence…

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Reviewed: September 2022
Released: 2022, Vinylstore.gr
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Over the last decade, Greece has given the black metal world a very strong and brutal tirade of black metal ranging from the raw and violent to the melodic and atmospheric. One new such act that fuses the ambient sweetness with the bitter atmosphere of the Mediterranean scene is Darkbard, all the way from Thessaloniki. “And Then There Is Silence…” is the debut which gives us a project that’s making full use of all the right elements on offer from one of Europe’s most notable metal scenes.

Nature, the natural world and the countless mythologies and wonderment that accompany them are what fuels the lyrical fire that Darkbard has lit and carries like an Olympic torch into the realms of 21sc century black metal. Themes delivered with the catchy and memorable blasts only a decent atmospheric band can offer, and then take us onto a cosmic journey into the esoteric worlds that populate the bands home country and culture.

Speaking as one who is a keen follower of the Hellenic black metal scene, I can see Darkbard paying homage to all the goodness the scene has given the metal world over its nearly 40-year history. I was particularly pleased to see a song bearing the title “Tristessa” – a possible homage to the late frontwoman of the band Astarte who helped put Greece on the black metal map. What we see before us is a band who’ve crafted some fine metal the way their ancestors did with fine wine and oils in appeasement of the ancient gods.

Darkbard is a band I expect a lot of good from in the coming future with the excellent fusion of two similar yet different ends of the black metal spectrum – a band of much strength and agility to bring us some confident Hellenic blackened beauty in the years to come. A truly excellent debut release.



1. Forest (Revisited)
2. Thanatos En Agnoia
3. In the Depths ov My Own Hell
4. A Tree’s Lament
5. Tristessa

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