Blind Guardian – The God Machine

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Reviewed: September 1, 2022
Released: September 2, 2022, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

After a seven year hiatus, BLIND GUARDIAN return with a brand new album, The God Machine. These guys are one of the most polarizing bands in metal. You have the camp that thinks that their last good album was Imaginations from the Other Side or maybe Nightfall in Middle Earth. Then you have me….I think they can do no wrong. Don’t get me wrong, no every album is perfect, but they are far from being a band worthy of being written off. Beyond the Red Mirror was a perfect album in every way and was the best they have done since Imaginations from the Other Side so I think it’s still way to early to write this band off.

So early on we were blessed with some teasers to get us ready for this album. “Deliver Us From Evil” was the first single released and is the opener. This song really got me excited for this album. There is some serious riffing and some incredible thrashing speed on this one and reminds me of something from Nightfall in places. The chorus is modern BLIND GUARDIAN all the way so you start to get the idea that they took the best ideas from their “modern” sound and added some of their signature speed and riffs to make this song the best example of the band’s current sound. The solos are as sick as always. Andre Olbrich is one of the most unique guitarists in the business due to not just his incredible solos but because of the melodies he creates. I saw him referred to as the Brian May of metal and that is so extremely fitting.

Now, there are some songs that took a bit to grow on me. “Destiny” and “Life Beyond the Spheres” had to grow on me a bit and did not resonate like some of the others, the former being the album closer. I actually thought “The Secrets of the American Gods” would have been a better closer. However, they make up for it a bit because of “Let It Be No more.” Let it be known that the metal ballad is not dead or dying thanks to the immortal BLIND GUARDIAN. Some of the ballads released these days are cringe worthy at best but these guys have a knack for adding tons of atmosphere to their ballads. This is not “The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)” but it is one of the strongest metal ballads released recently. On the other side, you have “Violent Shadows” that could have fit right on Imaginations with its heavy riffing, song structure, and amazing chorus. That’s another thing that has stayed consistent since the beginning is their ability to still write some of the best choruses in metal. I mean, listen to “Secrets of the American Gods” if you need convincing.

I don’t expect this album to win over those who refuse to give anything after Nightfall a chance, but I really think that if you were ever a Blind Guardian fan you really need to give this album a chance. They may have they epic, symphonic atmosphere that seemed to turn everyone off but they kept the riffs. They kept the song structures. And after thirty-five years and eleven studio albums, the fact that they can still put out albums this great proves that BLIND GUARDIAN are still one of the best bands in the business.


Line Up:
Hansi Kursch – Vocals
Andre Olbrich – Guitars (Lead)
Marcus Siepen – Guitars (Rhythm)
Frederik Ehmke – Drums

Track Listing
1. Deliver Us from Evil
2. Damnation
3. Secrets of the American Gods
4. Violent Shadows
5. Life Beyond the Spheres
6. Architects of Doom
7. Let It Be No More
8. Blood of the Elves
9. Destiny