Malamorte Release “Son of the Devil” video

Malamorte - Omen
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Malamorte “The Son of the Devil” Video from the album “Omen” \m/.

“Omen” is a full concept album based off of the 1976 horror movie classic, and will be released on August 26th on Moribund Records.

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“As the title suggest, the lyrical themes are based on the 1976 classic Horror movie The Omen. However, much more than just lyrical themes, the album is a full concept album paying homage to the horror classic. Omen also sees the “New Metal Messiah” morph both in character and thematically into The Antichrist! Featuring the radio killers “Megiddo,” “The Son of the Devil,” and “The Truth Buried in the Cemetery,” Omen is a first class horror metal and heavy metal masterpiece, filled with monster riffs and anthemic choruses! Omen is unquestionably Malamorte’s magnum opus to date.”

Track List:

  1. June 6, 6:00 AM
  2. He Is Born 
  3. I Die for You 
  4. Repulsion for the Sacred
  5. The Son of the Devil
  6. Megiddo
  7. The Truth Buried in the Cemetery
  8. Kill Damien
  9. 9. Outro

Malamorte - Omen

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