Uada + Panzerfaust + Trivax @ Electrowerkz, London

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Uada + Panzerfaust + Trivax

@ Electrowerkz, London

10th August 2022

Review & Videos by Demitri Levantis

US black metal bulwark Uada returned to the scorched and pleasant United Kingdom last week (10th Aug) to give us and the rest of Europe a fun and energetic rendition of their pagan black metal grind.

Electrowerkz in Islington, home of some of the biggest alternative nights and metal gigs in the capital, played host to the event, which, given this was a mid-week gig, started small and filled out nicely.

First up on the bill was a band who’d come all the way from the north of the country: Trivax. A band consisting of men from Syria and Iran, whose love of metal had landed them in some horrific circumstances in the past and they were willing to share that horror with us.

Even though the crowd was small at this point, the energy and might of the devoted punters rang well through the dark and industrial concert room. Trivax meant business and frontman Shayan hyped up the crowd to get everyone in the mood for some nicely blended tunes that had their raw, deep and lightly melodic moments. Guitars ground like a millstone and the drums were like a bombardment of artillery accompanying the band’s audible attack.

Overall, Trivax made it clear they hadn’t mellowed their sound, which made me excited to hear they have a new album due out soon. A decent opener for a night that was only going to get more and more vicious.

Up next were three men from Canada, having recently released the third instalment in their “Suns of Perdition” album series. Panzerfaust, hailing from Ontario and ready to show the world how that state has not changed its strength in its contributions to the black metal world; particularly following the loss of other Ontario bands like Woods of Ypres.

Panzerfaust took a while to set up which meant the crowd had swelled to a good level filling out almost the entire room. Once the time was right the band began and the crunching drill of their sound drove deep into my friends and me like a stake to the heart.

This was a band whom I personally felt better watching than listening to on CD. Panzerfaust combined the droning grind of the old-school black metal canon and added in an edge that almost makes it atmospheric and borders on blackened doom at times. Even when there were blast beats raining down on us the tempo was slightly slower than most bands I consume, but this did not make them boring in any way. In fact, Panzerfaust was somewhat hypnotic in their screams and buzzsaw sound that had me and others around me fixed from start to finish.

By now a pit had broken out in the centre of the crowd that said everyone was having plenty of fun, which is great to see at a mid-week gig as it meant nobody was tired out from work.

Panzerfaust had us by the throat and didn’t let go until the final note blasted from the PA system – which did not falter on this occasion.

So with the crowd now filling out the entire venue, the stage was now set for the headliners we had all been waiting for. Having travelled all the way from the West Coast to give Europe a new onslaught of the audible might they are renowned for, Uada meant business from the word “go”.

With the dimmed lighting illuminating these four men from Portland, it looked as though an apparition was being performed on stage, summoning spectres whose musical shrieks inflicted fear and dread of spectacular proportions into the onlookers. It would be an understatement to say their set was tight, for Uada made no interaction with the audience at all and each song melded from one to another as a sermon of pagan and nature-themed hatred performed with the aplomb expected of a band like this.

Pits were going once again as Uada provided us with tunes from their 2020 album “Djinn” which was well received by my friends and me. Now we could see that these blokes weren’t the type to mellow their sound on stage as Uada gave the same level of strength in their performance as I’ve seen on the three previous times I’ve caught them.

The only downside was they didn’t play an encore as the crowd called for when the show was over, but everyone left in high spirits. Mid-week gigs are not usually the kind of places I’ve seen such a keen level of happiness over the years, but Uada, Panzerfaust and Trivax made this one very good exception. Best of luck to these guys as they continue their reign of terror across the continent.