BELUSHI SPEED BALL Stream Entire No Comply II Performance

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Raucous hipster poser thrashers BELUSHI SPEED BALL are now streaming their headlining performance from No Comply 2, a special curated festival that takes place in a skate park.

Stream Belushi Speed Ball At No Comply II HERE

No-Comply is a donation “pay what you want” festival put together by people in their early 20s with no sponsors! It is at the Louisville Downtown Skate park (in the bowl) and is nothing short of incredible. A true sight to be hold, showcasing some of the most talented DYI artists to ever exist. This year included SUNSHINE, HISTRIONICS, ZERG RUSH, SHITFIRE, MR. CLIT and THE PINK CIGARETTES, THEE TABS and ANEMIC REALITY, in addition to headliners BELUSHI SPEEDBALL.

Vinny Crastellano, Belushi Speed Ball comments: “With us being invited back to “No-Comply II” we felt extremely privileged and blessed. There always is such a plethora of talent. We wanted to go as absolutely big as we could! We chose Indiana Jones as the theme (because funny), and kicked off the set by me being chased by a giant 6 foot “Boulder”. Then the crowd was barraged by 20 cans of whip cream, 200 cans of La Croix, 20 gallons of melted orange jello, 20 lbs of color run powder, 200 glow sticks, 100 rubber bugs, and 50 pool noodles. BUT the best off all was our industrial size “Rave Foam Shooter” which spewed out 65 gallons of foam! All of the insanity has been captured and show cased (along with every band’s set) on our youtube channel “The Senor Diablo Show”.”

Watch the video:

BELUSHI SPEED BALL recently released their full-length album, What, Us Worry?

Whole album:
The album oozes BELUSHI SPEED BALL’s collective personality, from ludicrous speeding riffs and pounding percussion to a touch of groove and sprinklings of hardcore. Interspersed with narrative snippets,these elements of humour carry over the outfit’s shenanigans and stage theatrics into the recorded realms. What, Us Worry? sees the band blend somewhat unexpected genre influences into the mix, notably the striking pop punk sound of “Dog Birthday”. In stark contrast “Belushi Speed Grind” plunges into guttural depths of grindcore. Taking on the metal world with a nonsensical approach, BELUSHI SPEED BALL deliver the preposterous enveloped in an epic sound.

In addition, ripping guitar solos have been provided by Jamison Land (former GWAR BEEFCAKE), Tony Barhoum (CONDITION CRITICAL) and Nick Burks (SAVAGE MASTER). What, Us Worry will be available on N64, Gameboy Advanced, CD, and streaming everywhere.

Purchase the full album on N64 or Gameboy Advanced:



Vinny – Vocals/Guitar
Chase – guitars
Jazzy – Bass Kyle – Vocals/Guitar
Senor Diablo – Skits/management
Michael – Vocals
Daniel Neel – Drums
Jamison – Guitar

Album credits: 
Mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST)
Recorded and mixed by Chase Bensing
Spotlights artwork by Andrei Bouzikov (MUNICIPAL WASTE: Art of Partying).
Guest guitar solos from Jamison Land (Former GWAR BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY, THE BURIAL), Tony Barhoum (CONDITION CRITICAL), and Nicholas Burks (SAVAGE MASTER, WARCLOUD).

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