Nigel Glockler of the Band SiX by SiX on Their Debut CD – The Groove Is The Most Important Element In Any Band!

SiX by SiX
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Interview by Robert Cavuoto

SiX by SiXSiX by SiX is the name of an exciting new band who will be releasing their debut album on August 19, 2022 via InsideOutMusic label, which is part of Sony. The band features some heavy weigh musicianship with guitarist Ian Crichton from the acclaimed Canadian prog rockers Saga, powerhouse drummer Nigel Glockler of heavy metal masters Saxon, and on bass, keyboards, and vocals, Robert Berry, best known for his association with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer in their group. The power of these three talented artists are filling a massive sonic space and driven by melodic rock with some prog undertones thrown in for good measure.

The roots of SiX by SiX can be traced back decades when Nigel and Robert were together as part of Yes guitarist Steve Howe’s continuation of the band GTR. There is a connection to Asia, where Ian and Nigel contributed to sessions and recordings, while Robert was the link for his guitarist friend Pat Thrall. Time marches on, paths cross, and fate brings these three musicians together, born from a conversation with an industry insider in the UK who connected Ian Crichton in the Toronto area with Robert Berry outside San Francisco, who in turn reached Glockler at his home on the south coast of England.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Nigel Glockler about the formation of SiX by SiX with some long-standing friends, the importance of a good groove to get the foot tapping, his passion for playing any style of music, and a look back on Saxon’s illustrious career as purveyors of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal! Please be sure to follow Metal Rules on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Nigel Glockler of the Band SiX by SiX


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