Beasto Blanco Finishes World Tour with Chaos and Carnage at Dinbatz in Clifton, NJ, 7/30/22!

Beasto Blanco
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Review and live photos by Robert Cavuoto

Beasto Blanco concluded their World Tour at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, on July 30th with an all-out assault on fans’ senses with their music, lights, and theatrical performance!

If you are unfamiliar with Beasto Blanco, the band features Chuck Garric of The Alice Cooper Band [guitar/lead vocals], Calico Cooper [vocals], Chris “Brother” Latham [lead guitar], Jan Le Grow [bass], and Sean Sellers [drums]. They are known for their groove-inspired metal songs coupled with over-top-theatrics. They grow stronger with every album and more theatrical live to push the boundaries of hard rock and heavy metal.

The band opened their show with “Beasto Blanco” and its sinister riff, then proceeded to crush the crowd with the perfect 1-2 combination of “Fight” and “Freak.” These first three songs quickly had the crowd singing and pumping their fists in the air. This band knows how to create hard rock songs in line with Motorhead and Rob Zombie but on steroids and done with attitude. Songs like “Grind” and “Death Rattle” ring true to that sentiment. One couldn’t help but get caught up in their enthusiastic and energetic 13-song 60 minutes performance.

When Chuck is not touring the world as bassist for Alice Cooper, he is making kick-ass metal with Beasto. His role as ringleader of Beasto Blanco is to handle lead vocals, playing guitar, and revving their audience into a frenzy. He is a savage guitar player with incredible vocal strength and stage presence. He also has a tremendous rapport with Calico as they visually bring each song to life.

Beasto Blanco

Calico made sure the audience’s eyes were on her, dressed in a space warrior body suit and later changing into a black leather bikini and fishnet stockings. She is an electrifying performer who can belt out the songs while delivering some devilish theatrics. She is quite the intimidating figure with a fierce vocal style best demonstrated in the gut-wrenching song “Solitary Rave.” In a world where fans have seen and heard everything, she forces you to rethink that mantra and take a cautious step back from the front of the stage as she welds a spiked bat and flies the Beasto Freak flag.

Beasto Blanco

Hanging a back from Calico’s and Chuck’s dangerous interactions is Brother Chris on lead guitar. He is a quintessential metal guitarist who can bash out riff-after-riff with sheer brute force, giving Beasto their tasteful edginess.

Sean and Jan are the engine room of this band. They were steadfast metallians working in lockstep, picking up more steam with each song. Jan had all fingers moving at breakneck speed for every beat and measure. It is done tastefully to balance the guitar while keeping up with Sean’s unrelenting pounding of his kit.

The exciting news is the band is working on a new album; as Chuck told me in a prior interview, “We have been writing quite a bit. We have some tunes completed. We are in the process of getting it in order, who is going to release it, and when it will be completed. There is a method to our mayhem, ensuring that all the hard work we put into making our music, videos, and comic book is getting out to the public properly. We are really taking our time before releasing something, so we do it right.”

For their rumbling encore, Beasto performed a forceful version of “Breakdown.” When the smoke cleared, and carnage lifted from the stage, the audience was left gasping. It was a groundswell of blazing guitar and fierce vocals, all done in epic portions with some bat-shit crazy theatrics. Beasto are at the forefront of rewriting the limits of what metal should sound and look like!