Nattskog-Shrieks From The Abyss (Fanzine review)

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Reviewed: Aug, 2022
Released: 2022, Cult Never Dies
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Fanzines are crucial to the development of the Metal underground and by extension the overall health of the Metal scene.

Fans in the underground are often the first to discover new acts and accordingly promote them. Fanzines serve a an additional valuable purpose and that is as an oral history and historical documentation of emerging artists.

Perhaps the only drawback (and charm) of fanzines is their limited availability, both in terms of quantity (print-runs) and distribution.

I always find it very useful, convenient and entertaining when someone, a publisher for example, compiles and reprints hard-to-find fanzines into a single collection. Such is the case with Cult Never Dies and the Shrieks From The Abyss collection.

CND has just released a three issue collection of the new fanzine. The perk is that issue three is exclusive to this edition.

This 106 page soft cover is in the traditional black and white as colour fanzines are rare. If it is in colour it is, in my opinion, not really a fanzine anymore.

Created by Nattskog, (trans: night forest, or maybe better, dark forest) there is very little information about the ‘zine contained within the ‘zine. What country is this from? Who is Nattskog? When were these originally published? I suppose in the end it doesn’t really matter but the archivist and historian in me wants to know!

As for the ‘zine itself, it is a classic DIY affair. The font and printing style changes, black on white, white in black, crude hand-drawings and so on.

Content is king and Nattskog interviewed some truly underground bands ranging from the more well-known, Midnight and Hooded Menace to even lesser known acts like Baxaxaxa and Qrixkuor.

The author also writes several short 2-3 sentence reviews per issue. The English and writing isn’t perfect but who cares? Nattskog writes energetic and enthusiastic reviews and he seems to like everything! That is actually a selling point for me. I know some people write a fanzine and then publish negative or overly critical reviews but those people miss the point. The word fanzine after all, means a magaZINE written by a FAN! If you are not a fan of something why bother creating something to be negative on purpose? Nattskog enjoyment of types of extreme music shines through the darK.

If you are a denizen of the dark, cancel that subscription to Revolver or Metal Hammer and try SHRIEKS FROM THE ABYSS!

SHRIEKS FROM THE ABYSS Collection 1 – CultNeverDies