Memorias de un Despertar – Takiorqowaqay

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Reviewed: July, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Memorias de un Despertar is a Peru-based power metal project born from the minds of writer Marcel Verand and composer Julio “Julián” Castro. He debuted in 2021 with the metal opera IRA & SACRIFICIO, obtaining a great reception and leading to the publication of a homonymous book. At the end of July Memorias de un Despertar released a new EP entitled TAKIORQOWAQAY, with three new songs that maintain the quality of its predecessor.

An interesting aspect of Memorias de un Despertar is that, being a project and not a formal band, Marcel Verand is dedicated to searching the Internet for extremely talented Latin American musicians to perform his songs.

The first piece is “The Legend of the Silver Mountain⁣”, a true ode to the most epic power metal where we listen to Oscar Martin Olaya, a guitarist who ate the best version of Yngwie Malmsteem and who had already shown his enormous skill in 2020 when he released COSMIC VISION with his own band Dangerous Project.

Here we also hear Marcos Aldaba, Deibys Artigas⁣ and Fito Flores alternating on vocals, three high-impact vocalists who perfectly fulfill their role in such an ambitious and demanding song.

The next piece, “El quebranto del apu⁣⁣”, is a more indigenous composition that brings out the best of the region’s own wind instruments. This piece reminds us of the wonders of bands like Aquaria, who bring back the best of their traditional music, only that, instead of Brazilian samba and bossa nova, here we hear a great banquet of the best that Peruvian music has to offer.

The EP ends with “Revenge of Ranra Orqo”, a very melodic piece more inclined to AOR. Undoubtedly it is another successful composition where we listen to the Venezuelan Jose “Chego” Cabrices from the band Athlos; and the Argentinian Romina Barba, who has a channel with Stryper covers.

It is interesting what Memorias de un Despertar is achieving by bringing together so much Latin American talent and condensing it into a concept that recovers the best not only of power metal but of regional folklore. Thanks to the lyrics written by Marcel Verand we can learn more about the rich and ancient history of his country; but also, thanks to his deep fondness for the genre, we can listen to perhaps the most important power metal project that Latin America has today.



  • Deibys Artigas – Vocals (lead, backing)

  • Fito Flores – Vocals (lead) (track 1)

  • Marcos Aldaba – Vocals (lead) (track 1)

  • Boris Ojeda Mauna – Vocals (lead) (track 2)

  • Laleska – Vocals (lead, backing) (track 2)

  • Andrea Aguilar – Vocals (backing) (track 2)

  • Jose “Chego” Cabrices – Vocals (lead, backing) (track 3)

  • Romina Barba – Vocals (lead, backing) (track 3)

  • Ignacio Rodríguez – Vocals (lead) (track 3)

  • Oscar Martin – Guitars, Bass (track 1)

  • Freddy Romero – Charangos (track 2)

  • José “Pepino” Correa – Winds (track 2)


  1. La leyenda de la montaña de plata

  2. El quebranto del apu

  3. La venganza de Ranra Orqo