Izmatik – Volt Vein

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izmatik coverReviewed: July, 2022
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Izmatik is the project of bassist Jeff Curry. In 2020 he released a four song EP titled: VOLT VEIN. That work is a true work of art because it gives a real lecture on how to combine different styles so different from each other and sound incredibly good. To give you an idea, we can say that VOLT VEIN oscillates between progressive, thrash and jazz fusion, all in such a natural way that it impacts.

It is difficult to find a weak point in such an ambitious album at a compositional level. The mix is ​​a masterpiece. All the instruments are perfectly perceived, which contributes a lot to better appreciate the compositional landscapes of each song. Although at times a somewhat dated recording is perceived, the truth is that the compositional quality and the level of execution compensate for those details.

Among all the qualities that Iztamik offers, we can highlight its wide compositional spectrum and its ability to go from one genre to another with great ease. It is very clear that he knows the musical characteristics of each terrain and takes advantage of them. Technically they offer interesting passages, however, they do not come to surprise at the level of their compositions.

Iztamik is currently working on the release of their first full-length album. It is expected to be ready in mid-October. They even already have the presentation date scheduled in Tokyo, Japan (which is where the project is based). What they let you hear in VOLT VEIN makes us think that what is to come will be truly monumental.



  • Jeff Curry :Bass/Composer

  • Anna Vieste: Vocals

  • Daisuke Kuroda: Guitar

  • Alberto Garcia: Guitar

  • Daniel Baeder: Guest Drummer


  1. Sentience

  2. Eye in the Sky

  3. Volt Vein

  4. War Criminal