Blizzard Hunter – The Path Of Triumph

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Reviewed: July, 2022
Released: 2022, Inti Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Blizzard Hunter is a heavy metal band born in Lima, Peru in the distant year of 2006. Nine years after its founding, the band debuted with the incredible and well-remembered HEAVY METAL TO THE VEIN (2015), which placed Blizzard Hunter as a reference to the genre of his country along with Cobra. The album opened many doors for them, even recording a concert in Italy as part of the Padova Metal Fest 2016.

After that great debut album, little was heard of the band again. However, at the end of July Blizzard Hunter appeared with a new album entitled: THE PATH OF TRIUMPH (2022), a work that not only lives up to its predecessor but even surpasses it with a first-class production. level.

Among the most striking characteristics of this new work is the production at the vocal level. Once again we hear the magnificent voice of Sebastián “Dragón” Palma (who have had already shone on the debut album and on other works such as that of his namesake Sebastián Beltrán: Seigniory), but now he does so with various accompaniment lines, generating magnificent choral voices that give more color and brightness to the verses.

The other aspect is compositional. They maintain a marked heavy line, without giving any concessions; however, they know how to introduce slower passages that give greater depth to the experience of listening to their songs, as happens in their homonymous piece and in “Screaming (My Bloody Anger)”, where they also completely redeem the bass instrument.

THE PATH OF TRIUMPH is a huge leap forward for Blizzard Hunter, who had already debuted on the right foot seven years ago. This new album is easily placed as one of the best releases not only from Peru, but from the international heavy scene right now.


blizzard hunter bandLineup

  • Lucho Sánchez – Guitars (lead), Keyboards

  • Lalo “Indú” Salas – Bass

  • Sebastián “Dragón” Palma – Vocals

  • Bruno Gadea – Drums

  • Ramon Lau – Guitars (lead)


  1. On the Warpath

  2. Final Flash

  3. The Path of Triumph

  4. Screaming (My Bloody Anger)

  5. Battlefield

  6. Lost in My Madness

  7. Prisioner of Adrenaline

  8. Born to Be Free

  9. Redemption for Tomorrow

  10. S.I.D. (Shining in Disguise)

  11. The Last Time