Balls Gone Wild – Stay Wild

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Reviewed: July, 2022balls-gone-wild
Released: 2022, Metalville
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Balls Gone Wild is a trio from Cologne, Germany. They handle a high-flying hard rock style. They were born ten years ago and to commemorate this event they released an album at the end of July entitled: STAY WILD (2022). The work contains 11 pieces very well made in all aspects: composition, execution and production.

Due to the quality of the sound and the compositions, it is surprising that Balls Gone Wild is a trio. With just enough (that is, a guitar, bass and drums) they manage to develop very complete songs, with a sound that does not need many touch-ups to sound powerful and forceful.

One of the main characteristics of this album is the simplicity of the compositions. Although they are not technically complex, they do have the perfect hook so that each of the songs can be enjoyed from start to finish. This is an enormous quality of Balls Gone Wild, since we are facing a trio that knows how to express what they want very well with the technical resources they have.

In the production aspect the band is also victorious. Each instrument is perceived to perfection. Although there are occasions in which the bass simply disappears, there are compositions where it is perceived very well, as in “Killing One” and the intro of “School On Fire”.

STAY WILD is undoubtedly an excellent way to celebrate 10 years. Balls Gone Wild has proven once again that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Their ability to print emotion in their pieces is their main letter of introduction and this album shows it in each of their songs.



  • Vince van Roth – vox & bass

  • Tom Voltage – guitars & backing Vox

  • Artyrium – drums & backing Vox


  1. Killing One

  2. Hangman

  3. School On Fire

  4. Feel My Love

  5. Twist Of Fate

  6. Masked City

  7. Stay Wild

  8. Knocked Out

  9. Plata o Plomo

  10. Ready For Love

  11. Bride Of Satan