Announce the Apocalypse – Nefarious Means

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Reviewed: August 2022
Released: 2021 Narcoleptica Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Nefarious Means, the sophomore album by Florida-based thrash metal band Announce the Apocalypse, is one I do wish I’d heard last year upon its release, for it would have scored fairly high on my personal “best album” list.
Hailing originally from Detriot, the band’s relocation to the death metal home-state appears to have rubbed off on the band, for the album begins with some impressive DM-style blast beats that made me think this was a more death-oriented release. But as the 11-minute opener progresses, I was subjected to a fun barrage of decent vocals one would expect to hear on a Kreator album.
Personal anguish and an anti-religion and mildly political sentience hang over this fast and dense release that utilises both ends of the thrash metal spectrum. If you like songs that are slow in tempo yet just as angry as their galloping counterparts, Announce the Apocalypse has got you covered.
I will add that I was actually expecting a more “core” release given the band’s title but it’s always good to find yourself taken aback in this job. Announce the Apocalypse are some fairly new talent to the thrash metal world and it will be good to see them riding high with other big American names in the scene. Check them out.



1. Outbreak
2. High Tension
3. Contrived Death
4. Purge (And Rise)
5. Nonviable Resolution / The Place Without Sun

Band line-up:

Shawn Loureiro – Bass
Dominic Ryan Gabriel – Bass, guitars, vocals
Kelly Byrnes – Guitars

Band Websites: