Roadburn 2022 – Tilburg Holland

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The Roadburn festival has become an essential and important festival in Europe. Even though the festival has been restricted to about 4000 people, its appreciation is tremendous and praised amongst underground metal fans.  What makes the Roadburn festival so popular? Well firstly, the bands of course. The festival offers such a diverse line-up covering a wide range of music from underground metal, psychedelic rock, avant-garde stuff, doom, or any other variation of metal,  pleasing fans of the music and above all,  providing a great atmosphere. had the privilege of visiting the Roadburn festival to smell the weed and enjoy the great music. Roadburn festival is such an unique concept that it wouldn’t work anywhere else. Where else could some relative unknowns play in a crowded venue. Here we come again, here is a brief article on the fest.


Messa being an Italian doom metal squad, hit the main stage of 013. The band had drawn an amazing huge crowd; even though Messa has released a couple of albums which latest one titled came out on Svart records. The Italian doomesters are widely recognized and known amongst the doom metal worshippers, therefore the four-piece had drawn a huge crowd. As for the band’s music, frankly it was mesmerizing and spellbinding with the haunting riffs and melodies.  The frontl-ady’s absolutely astonishing voice crowned the whole epicus doomicus atmosphere

Slift hailing from France is a-three-piece Heavy-psych rock combo. They offered a special set by playing the whole UMMON album from back to back. The three piece sound tight and had fabulous groovy psychedelic parts and riffs in their songs. The drummer turned out to be one hell of virtuoso player. The hypnotic riffs and songs sounded terrific. The crowd truly lived up to the mesmerizing music of Slift as the band sounded amazing.

40 Watt Sun is the former Warning (UK) Patrick Walker’s baby, founded in 2009. Patrick Walker being a main man of the group had a group of great musicians to execute his musical visions at Roadburn. The melodic and progressive hymns sounded absolutely beautiful. Even though the group is labeled as a doom band, but 40 Watt Sun sounded epic with amazing guitar riffs. Above all Patrick Walker’s peaceful and beautiful voice accented the whole approach.

Solstafir had been more or less a regular visitor at Roadburn for years. The Icelandic grim rockers have always offered an amazing performance and show. The four piece had prepared the Roadburn gig by offering a special set of the magnificent Svartir Sandar album by playing it from back to back. When circumstances were the perfect in terms of light and atmosphere, both the band and the material from the album sounded splendid and somehow hypnotizing.


Full Of Hell had been booked to be some kind of house-band for Roadburn. The extreme noise terrorists apparently played every damn night at some venue at some weird time. The band sounded totally ravaging and extreme. On the first gig, Full Of Hell did the whole TRUMPETING ECSTASY. The gig didn’t last, just 30 minutes when it was over. It was insane, raging,  grindcore without any mercy. It was damn good…



Despite the name Svalbard the band ain’t from Norway instead hailing from Scotland. Of course it ain’t any eerie sounding doom or post rock. If Svalbard has to be categorized in a way or another, one certain genre would be metalcore. Even though metalcore elements sounded more obvious in the Svalbard approach, but they had these post rock elements or other types of influences from different genres mixed with the metal approach.  The band sounded kind of aggressive.

Zetra is a London-based gothic synth metal band feat only two members. Two guys with corpse-paint on their faces sounded a mix of the 80’s synth-pop with a metal approach. Occasionally, the vocalist sounded singing out of tune, but apparently it was meant to create a haunting feeling. The keyboards were the essential part of the sounds of Zetra. Frankly Zetra was definitely an interesting discovery at the fest as their unique style was quite exceptional and above all sounded good.

Holy hell… this was the total epitome of the old school heavy doom metal when Warhorse hit the stage. The three-piece’s doom metal hit as if a ton of bricks would have been dropped on your head.   The singer’s raspy voice fitted perfectly to the sounds of Warhorse.  The whole stoner/doom metal sounded so godly splendid.


GGGOLDDD being a Dutch combo consisting of the core of two persons : Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone.  The duet had been hired to take care of the curator role at Roadburn. Anyway The front-lady ladles the source of inspiration from her dark past, when she experienced the dismal era in her teen age years. Those events are reflected in the sounds and lyrics of GGGOLDDD. Her performance was emotional and quite melancholic. The music could be described as a mix of different kinds of genres from gothic to jazz and everything between. That definitely created the amazing musical journey into the world of GGGOLDDD.  Frankly the concert by GGGOLDDD was emotional, gloomy, touching, but above all amazing.

Cloud Rat’s name didn’t ring bells at all apart from some freaks recommended that band has to be checked out. Cloud Rat consisted of three members ; the drummer, the guitarist and the screamer. The stuff totally blew the roof up into the air. It was pure insane fast and raw grindcore. The electro parts created a different kind of vibe, but songs sounded totally crushing.



Emma Ruth Rundles may not ring the bells for most of the readers. She is a multi-talented musician from Portland. Her career started in bands such as Marriages and still a member of Red Sparows. Those bands are mostly post rock bands. As for her solo career, five solo albums have been released by now. Her gig at Roadburn was just an interesting performance. She did the ENGINE OF HELL album as a whole.  She didn’t have extra gimmicks, just piano and a few lights focused on her. The audience followed respectfully her playing and definitely enjoyed every moment of it. Emma Ruth Rundles received a massive huge response from the Roadburn audience. That’s one of those peculiarities at Roadburn as the festival covers a wide range of different music genre and the audience is so open-minded to adopt from the piano performance to harsh extreme metal.

Primitive Man is a three-piece combo from Colorado. The heavy doomsters did a couple of shows at Roadburn. The first one was kind of an official one, but the second one was kind of secret one which was only informed in the social media. Catching these secret shows only announced in social media kept everyone’s eyes glued on phones. Otherwise some cool act would have been missed. Primitive Man’s secret show was made of the goddamn heavy and heavier and heaviest stuff. The three guys performed the brutal approach of the savage sounding doom and had a bit of chaotic fast riffs. The whole combination was so intensive and barbaric. The secret show was quite different compared to the first show. There was no smoke and more light and definitely people enjoyed this different kind of atmosphere.

Kaelan Mikla is a three-piece female combo hailing from Iceland if someone happens to be unfamiliar with them. Their post rock tied with eerie-sounding blackish metal and punk elements sounded quite mesmerizing. However the synth parts were reminiscent of the 80’s sounds like Bauhaus. Kaelan Mikla interestingly combined different elements which created the eccentric, yet unique sound world. Kaelan Mikla has to be witnessed as.


The band had one day off and continued the terrorizing noise core on Saturday.  It was the same intensive and brutal playing during the 30 minutes. Frankly that playing time was maximum to enjoy the sonic tormenting chaos.

Ulver has performed at Roadburn and delivered an unforgettable show. Expecting a show of the same kind was quite obvious and even more. The front  between stage and audience had been covered with a separate curtain or fabric to which all kinds of amazing-looking figures and symbols were reflected. Ulver’s music should appeal to the Depeche Mode fans easily as the similarities were so obvious and so clear. However the Ulver stuff sounded kind of hypnotizing as well as a bit boring. However all the graphic symbols and figures created and brought the entire new dimension for the whole show. Amazing trip!


Lingua Ignota aka Kristin Hayter is a high-profile trained multi-instrumentalist. She has achieved quite impressive success during the past few years. Her way of performing on the stage was more than intensive and had full of passion and even rage and desperate aspects. Her show and performance could be described a new-age Lady Gaga. Her way of moving on the stage and living up to her performance was entirely dedicated to the performance. Her mystical screams and insane performance described her difficult and challenging life in the past. At least it could be interpreted in that way and even sensed.

Mirzor was heavy as hell. The four-piece, doom-drone whatever metallers offered a real sledgehammer set of the heaviest stuff of the whole Roadburn. Basically Mirzor is run by A.L.N by himself, but as for the live performance, three other guys had been recruited to strengthen and bring the ultimate heaviness and doomicus. If anyone looking really doomy and heavy bands like Bellwitch or Winter,  Mirzor is definitely a must to be checked out. The band was absolutely impressive.

The final performance happened on Sunday, when extreme sonic creators hit the main stage. Perhaps they should have played in small venues, as Full Of Hell managed to create more sonic assault and have more sweating atmosphere in them whereas people rather politely followed Full Of Hell feat. Spiritual Poison.  Full Of Hell did the whole last album GARDEN OF BURNING APPARITIONS  as a whole. By the way the singer had the Demilich shirt !!!

Roadburn has always had quite a few black metal bands on the roster. Some of them has been more post black metal stuff whereas the Icelandic black metal bands have been more straightforward. Lamp Of Murmuur was more traditional black metal with sounds and corpse-paint. Well  The singer had a weird place on stage, as his mic-stand had been placed sideways as the singer was as well. The other guys kept moving and banging their heads, but the singer was on the side.  Murmuurs didn’t sound muddy or chaotic, instead their black metal was more controlled and had crystal clear sounds. From time to time the singer’s voice got dominated by instruments. Perhaps their sounds were a way too polished compared to their outputs.

Green Lung  was one of the interesting newcomers to my radar. The British metallers have risen from the British metal underground catacombs and achieved the success piece by piece. The band definitely draws all the influences   The singer’s nasal voice sounded perfect match with the metal approach of Green Lung. The singer could have thrown that cap off from his head.  Their Black Harvest album is an amazing slap of catchy metal tunes and those songs were performed at Roadburn. The songs sounded as tremendous great as on the album. Green Lung is worth to be checked out