Quantum Twilight-Hypersonic Demolition

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Reviewed: July, 2022
Released: 2022, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve said this a few times before in various reviews but it bears repeating; we are living in a golden age of Metal.

For my tastes, pound for pound, the past decade is just as good or even better than the 80’s. Why? There had been a massive explosion of exciting young bands, who are talented, play really fast, adhere to the principles of true Metal and have fun doing it. These bands have unique identities and styles that make them stand out. They are rooted in high fantasy and/or epic Science Fiction or sometimes both. Costumes, characters and personas can all add to the appeal.

I’m referring to bands like GloryHammer, Victorius, Pellek, Heroes Of Forgotten Kingdoms, Power Paladin, Skeletoon, WindRose, Trick Or Treat, Pathfinder, Twilight Force, Fellowship, Venoity, and many more. Now we can add Quantum Twilight to that esteemed hall of heroes.

Spawned from the loins of the grandfathers of the style, mighty DragonForce, Quantum Twilight are the newest sensations in this style. That is a good thing! We need more bands like this; fast, furious and fun!

This young band is based out of Washington DC and it is nice to see Americans pulling their weight in keeping this sub-genre vibrant and active, instead of leaving it almost exclusively to the Europeans.

Their debut album HYPERSONIC DEMOLITION is set to hit the racks in August. The album is totally professional; great crystal-clear production, a gorgeous and eye-catching cover and a cool Metal album title and band name.

The album is a compact eight sing, 47-minute record that, as cliched as it sounds, left me wanting more. The band delivers fantastic Power/Speed Metal of an undiluted purity that would make Tommy ‘Reinxeed’. Johansson weep tears of joy. Thankfully there is no down-tuned chugging, no grunting vocals, no plodding songs, (no ballads) and no political pandering just majestic glorious speed and power! Full speed or no speed indeed! The album is very streamlined they could have added a ballad and a 10-minute epic and the album would not suffer.

Quantum Twilight have decided to go the independent route for their debut album but I have absolutely no doubt that some European label will scoop them up almost immediately, or at very least make offers.

The only thing that might hinder the bands quest for global domination is the fact they are a ‘just’ a duo right now. Add a couple more fiery players that can pull it off live and they will conquer all.

Quantum Twilight is challenging Power Paladin for most exciting new band and most promising newcomer of 2022 and at the halfway mark of the year, HYPERSONIC DEMOLITION is already a strong contender for my Top 10 of 2022.


Greg Russell Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Jarrad Biron Green-Vocals

Track Listing: 

1. Never Surrender
2. Champions
3. Intergalactic Onslaught
4. Beyond the Walls
5. Overdrive
6. Heroes of Assur
7. Temple of Evil
8. Game Over

FB: www.facebook.com/Quantum-Twilight-111333551611473,

IG: www.instagram.com/quantumtwilightband/

BC: quantumtwilight.bandcamp.com/album/hypersonic-demolition