Provectus – Postero Mundi

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Provectus - Postero Mundi
Provectus – Postero Mundi

Reviewed: July 2022
Released: 2022, Necktwister
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Wiedemann

Provectus is an old school black metal band from Belgium, founded in 2015. Their aim is to distance themselves from more modern forms of the genre and its countless subgenres. They are on the Necktwister label, and they released their first full length album ‘Postero Mundi’ on 21st May, 2022. It follows their debut EP ‘Existential Delusion’, released in 2018. In true black metal fashion, their LP was recorded in their own rehearsal room, making the sound raw and true to themselves. Their style is also brutal and melancholic, and they are for fans of Dissection (the band), Immortal, Taake, and Windr. 

First thoughts when reading the group’s biography: They stay true to 90s black metal? Why??? First impressions when listening to the music: This is pretty much EXACTLY how I was expecting them to sound. Like pretty much all 90s BM wannabes, the album is riddled with cliches. If you’re new to BM, let me sum up the (majority of the) album in question and indeed most of the bands like this: Blast beats, tremolo picking, dark harmonies, and screams. The amount of times I’ve said that, now. Hopefully that will go unnoticed. They are well composed and pleasing cliches, sure, but surely the band aren’t expecting too much success? Let’s call all the similar BM bands out there ‘numbers’. If you do that, you can make an analogy that the band finding fame is rather like winning the lottery. 

I was also (rightly) expecting the music to be fairly decent (as the vast majority of their clones are), and on a less important note, before even downloading the album and after being told to review a black metal band, I was expecting the track names to be somewhat pretentious. ‘Aetherflow Dimensions’? ‘Disordered Phenomenon’? Track ‘Lucid Nightmare’ for example isn’t quite so bad, but yeah. Again, I was right, wasn’t I? As hinted at earlier, I don’t mean to sound too harsh though, as there really isn’t much the band do wrong at all from a musical perspective. The structures make perfect sense, even the ten-minuter ‘Torn Fabric of Time’ is hard to fault; and the listener is treated to a range of tempos from spooky and doomy, to blitzing and spooky. Great! Track ‘Lucid Nightmare’ is arguably the most interesting track on the album. It’s kind of like a mix of dark dance music, goth, and ambience. Even though its style is massively different to the stuff that precedes and follows it, it is actually a fairly strong, short but sweet interlude.

In conclusion, I wanted to give this album a solid 4, because it IS very well written. It’s actually better written than the stuff of most of their contemporaries. It’s hard to put into words why, the melodies, harmonies and instrumentations are just better. Slightly. (Trust me). But again, think of the lottery. That’s a powerful image, as it’s basically impossible to win. (Even though I did once know of someone who did get millions, but let’s ignore that). There are moments of innovation, for example the meaty church organs in the intro track, and the eerie clean guitars in ‘Bane of Existence’, but is this album recommended? Hm. Tough one. I won’t be adding it to my collection, but let’s partially recommend it anyway. Not too bad!



1. Gloria Dolorem
2. Postero Mundi
3. Aetherflow Dimensions
4. Bane of Existence
5. Lucid Nightmare
6. Torn Fabric of Time
7. Disordered Phenomenon
8. Fractured Entity

Band line-up:

Roach – Bass
Obitus – Drums
Tempore Anomalia – Guitars, vocals