Lord Belial – Rapture

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Reviewed: July 2022
Released: 2022, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Whilst Sweden is Norway’s neighbour, its black metal scene hasn’t courted anywhere as much notoriety as the blokes who put the genre on the European metal map. We have classic acts like Marduk and Watain headlining festivals all over the world, but it’s an underrated scene with a good number of bands who are normally forgotten about. Lord Belial, hailing from Trollhattan, is one of those bands, and have returned with their first album in 14 years: Rapture, they don’t seem to have waned in terms of musicianship.

The first thing to notice about this album is the intensity of the song structures. From the start of “Legion” the drums and bass hammer into the ears like a smith in an ironworks, with screams and howls driving the tracks along like a legion of horsemen thundering into an apocalyptic battlefield – quite an appropriate song title. Said thundering continues into the next few tracks and with the slower moments on “Rapture of Belial”, the band have personified the end of all time in a manner reminiscent of epic thunderstorms and other natural disasters.

I wouldn’t call this take on black metal ritualistic or performed in a manner akin to a band of acolytes summoning a demon, but Lord Belial have come up with an audible extravagance that horrifies the eardrums into thinking all around the listener is damned for all time. Spending time away from the studio for long periods of time is, from my experience, a double-edged sword for any band. Though, in this case, we have a band who remembered what made them noteworthy in their nation’s metal community and have come back with a blast of the good old days to say they haven’t gone anywhere.

Not the most mind-blowing album I’ve heard this year but one that tells me the Swedish scene still had the blood sweat and tears required to keep a country’s cultural exports on full steam.



1. Legion
2. On a Throne of Souls
3. Rapture of Belial
4. Destruction
5. Belie All Gods
6. Evil Incarnate
7. Lux Luciferi
8. Infinite Darkness and Death
9. Alpha and Omega
10. Lamentations

Band line-up:

Micke Backelin – Drums, bass
Niclas Pepa Green – Guitars, bass
Thomas Backelin – Guitars, vocals, bass

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