Kreator – Hate Uber Alles

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Reviewed: July 2022
Released: 2022, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Thirty-eight years on the road and Germany’s biggest thrash metal bulwark Kreator are back on the metal charts. It’s no lie that these blokes have given Germany the musical strength needed in the latter half of the last century when it was recovering from its worst part of history, and their agenda has not changed one bit like the title of the album no.15 suggests.

Hate Uber Alles is Kreator at their most idiosyncratic. Everything you’d associate with the band is here: anti-fascism, pro-equality, anti-religion, general anger and mindless violence – all performed with the speed and punkish ferocity one would expect from a thrash metal band.

Though, as someone who has followed the band for a decade and a half, I think it is appropriate to say they’ve perfected a sound and identity that has been evident for the last four albums. Hordes of Chaos gave the band an arena-friendly epicness that set them up for the amazing shows they have put on all over the world and is something of a high fidelity step away from the death and proto-black metal which put them high in the extremist ranks. I’m not saying this is a boring album, but it did not strike me as anything different from the last four.

Knowing that a band are comfortable in their sound and image is good, but after doing that for nearly 15 years it does make you wonder if they needed to make a new album if the aforementioned image was going to prevail. We have a decent new record from these guys, which is the best we could ask of them, but if you’ve seen such an album numerous times and would like to see something different, Hate Uber Alles sadly falls short on that score. Personally, I’d love it if Kreator revisited their industrial and gothic fusion days and see if they could perfect the sound that made tunes like “Phobia” bestsellers.

German thrash metal at its most political and arena-friendly is what you see before you with this new record so expect everything you found at the last Kreator show you attended.



1. Sergio Corbucci Is Dead
2. Hate über alles
3. Killer of Jesus
4. Crush the Tyrants
5. Strongest of the Strong
6. Become Immortal
7. Conquer and Destroy
8. Midnight Sun
9. Demonic Future
10. Pride Comes Before the Fall
11. Dying Planet

Band line-up:

Ventor – Drums
Mille Petrozza – Vocals, guitars
Sami Yli-Sirniö – Guitars
Frédéric Leclercq – Bass

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