Celestial Wizard – Winds of the Cosmos

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Reviewed: July 1, 2022
Released: July 15, 2022
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Denver’s CELESTIAL WIZARD is a rather unique band combining several elements to make a truly unique sound. Formed in 2018 and with one album already under their belts, their sophomore release, Winds of the Cosmos, is my first exposure to this band and from what I have heard, I like their approach. They take elements of traditional, power, and melodic death metal that can remind someone of say CHILDREN OF BODOM  in one minute then sound like a band like BRAINSTORM the next. All I know it that this is one of the most interesting albums to come out in a while.

The intro starts off really retro, like is this an episode of “Stranger Things?” 80s style keys then erupt to some cool riffs and dual leads. This segues right into the proper opener, “Revenant.” This song is a traditional metal beast with some killer riffs and a catchy chorus. The vocals are mostly clean and remind me a lot of Andy B. Franck from BRAINSTORM. The melodic solos part in the middle opened the door for the melodic death metal part that was the CHILDREN OF BODOM element I mentioned earlier. “Ice Realm” follows it up and is the first single released from the album and was my first exposure to the band. The beginning with the riffs and the keys was another of those CHILDREN OF BODOM moments. But when the chorus kicks in is when you notice that with every band they remind you of, there is just as much their own sound on display too.

As we keep moving through this album we get treated to more of this same winning formula. It also becomes apparent with each listen that this band  does have it’s own identity. Songs like “Powerthrone,” with its melodic death metal theme through most of it. The chorus on this one is powerful. You have the pure energy of “Steel Crysalis” or “Undead Renegade” to the sheer epicness of the closer and title track; and not one skip worthy song in the bunch. Speaking of the closer, this is an absolutely brilliant epic song that, at times, reminds me of PRIMALFROST in it’s delivery. There is a really cool acoustic part in the middle of the song that builds right before some killer solos. This is definitely the best song on the album; well written and brilliantly executed.

As I said, I ran across their single and had to track this album down. Although each sound on display here has ben done before, it has not been done quite like this. This is a really fun and well put together album that is highly recommended. You’re welcome!


Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Guillermo Jurado – Guitar, Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Andromeda
2. Revenant
3. Ice Realm
4. Powerthrone
5. Eternal Scourge
6. Steel Chrysalis
7. Undead Renegade
8. Cyberhawk
9. Winds Of The Cosmos

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