Rod Rodrigues – Tales of a Changing Life Part.1

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rod rodrigues epReviewed: July, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Rod Rodrigues is a Canadian/Brazilian guitarist who released his new EP at the end of May entitled: TALES OF A CHANGING LIFE, PART 1. The EP is an incredible work of progressive music, where Rodrigues takes the possibilities of his instrument to truly enjoyable terrain. Not only does he display huge doses of technique through his guitar, he also offers melodic passages that make you fall in love at first listen.

As if that were not enough, the EP has an excellent mixing job. It allows us to clearly hear all the instruments and thus realize their own dimensions, both technical and compositional. Most of the musicians that accompany Rod Rodrigues on this EP come from Brazil, confirming once again the enormous musical level that nation has.

An interesting aspect is that TALES OF A CHANGING LIFE, PART 1 was released together with a sheet music book, a gap that very few bands have exploited. It is not the first time that Rodrigues has done something like this, in 2016 he published the book GUITAR SHRED electronically, so it was common to expect a new publication of this type.

TALES OF A CHANGING LIFE, PART 1 offers an excellent debut. We hear a musician at the height of his technical and compositional skills. It combines various genres in a natural way, clearly showing us that everything is part of the same tree. This is a merit that very few composers are able to achieve.


rod rodriguesRod Rodrigues – Guitar ( Toronto)
Heitor Tenorio – Bass ( Lisbon – Portugal)
Bruno Ladislau – Bass ( Sao Paulo – Brazil)
Ricardo Parronchi – Bass (Sao Paulo – Brazil)
Milo Andreo – Piano and Keyboards (Sao Paulo – Brazil)
Orlan Charles – Piano and Keyboards ( Sao Paulo – Brazil)
Rodrigo Abelha – Drums ( Sao Paulo – Brazil)
Mike Mclaren – Drums (Burlington – Canada)

Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie, Premiata Forneria Marconi) – Italy : 2nd Guitar solo on Woodbine Sunset
Dalton Santos (Felipe Andreoli – Angra; Geoff Tate – Queensryche) – Brazil: 1st guitar solo on Physical Distancing
Renato Osorio (ex- Hibria; Atomic Elephant) – Brazil: 2nd Guitar Solo on Physical Distancing.


1. The Opening / D257
2.Woodbine Sunset
3.La Première Expérience
4.Changing Plans
5. Physical Distancing