Mustasch with support act Va Rocks on The Swedish Tour 2022 at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Mustasch – headline act

The Swedish Tour 2022
VA Rocks – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
29/4 – 2022

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall

Swedish stoner / hard rock band released their last album, KILLING IT FOR LIFE back in 2019. A supporting tour was originally scheduled to take place in 2021, but was postponed several times, right out to May 2022. To make up lost time, the band played a few live stream shows, and also took part in the Swedish outtakes of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Also during the pandemic the band released an EP, 2021’s A FINAL WARNING – CHAPTER ONE, which they plan to follow up soon. Keeping momentum going, the band also released a a bunch of music videos to various songs throughout the pandemic.

Mustasch has a loyal fanbase here in Sweden and a lot of the fans made their way to Malmo’s Kulturbolaget to see their heroes. Support act VA Rocks hails from Malmo and have gone through some lineup changes the last year, with a new drummer in Oliver Farkas replacing original drummer Frida Rosén. Their second studio album I LOVE VA ROCK , was released in 2019, so I really hope the band is working on material to their next album. Personally, I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time and hope to hear new material soon. For this show, there were rumors the band was planning to bring a mystery guest on stage.

As I’m an early bird, I was waiting outside the club about 30 minutes before the doors opened at 7pm, along wit ha few other hardcore fans. Time passed quickly and I was soon inside, checking out the merch stand for both of the bands. Mustasch didn’t have much for sale; only a few T-shirts and hoodies as well as the new EP on both vinyl and CD.

Va Rocks

The trio made their way on stage to the intro “No More Fucks To Give”. This song was the first one out as the band put on their gear and kicked off the show. Singer Svensson-Vollmer thanked the people for being there saying, “It’s really great to be back at Kulturbolaget again! Are you ready to sing along with us Malmo? It’s pretty easy, you only sing “gonna get you” and nothing more. Let’s try it without music”, she said and then fired off the song “Gonna Get You”. As always when it comes to this trio, it was full speed ahead from the very start and their high energy rock n’ roll set the place on fire. The band consists of:

Ida Svensson-Vollmer – lead vocals, guitar
Klara Wedding – bass
Oliver Farkas – drums

Svensson-Vollmer thanked for the sing along as they kicked into “Woman”. She moved around the stage throughout the show. She always gives all during all the VA Rocks shows I’ve seen so far. Wedding and Farkas kept the pace going while Svensson-Vollmer sang her heart out, headbanged, and kicked her legs. It was the first time I saw the band with the new drummer and I have to say he did a great job. Previous drummer Rosén used to help out with the vocals, so now Svensson-Vollmer have to make it on her own but she has a set of lungs that is more than capable.

“Rockbitch” and “Code of the Road” followed and even though the hardcore fans standing at the front of the stage did their best to support the band, the rest of the crowd felt more sleepy and didn’t bring much energy to the show. The band’s hard rock/punk music usually sets the crowd on fire everywhere they play, but this night the people were hard to convince.

Despite this, the band did all they could to get the crowd going; it wasn’t for lack of effort on their part. While she was tuning her guitar Svensson-Vollmer asked if the fans was doing fine and asked if they were ready to see Mustasch. “Maybe you recognize our next song, it’s a cover but also not a cover, here is “Attitude””. The song is a cover, done by legendary punkers the Misfits, but the band re-wrote the lyrics a bit. It’s a rock solid version of the song and I had to think both once and twice before I understood which song it really was. “Malmo, you’ve always got a great attitude”, Svensson-Vollmer said after the song ended.

“Now it’s time to bring up a guest and it’s someone I started the band with, clap your hands for Frida Rosén!” Rosén came up helping Svensson-Vollmer sing “Hit the Road” and the fans all cheered when she came on stage. It was fun to see Rosén with her old band and they all seemed to have a good time together. “Malmo, are you ready for our last song? Good! Sing with us in “Rattlesnake””. Rosén remained on stage and sang the first verse of the song before Svensson-Vollmer took over. In the middle of the song she walked out amongst the fans while playing her lead guitar solo. Back up on stage again, she introduced the rest of the band and that ended the show. “Thanks for your support!”, Svensson-Vollmer said and told the crowd the band was going to come out to the merch stand after the show taking pictures, signing stuff and hang out with the fans.

The raging show lasted for about 30-minutes and it was a rock solid half an hour from the band. It was a well-executed show with some great songs as well as a warm atmosphere from the band that rubbed off on the crowd. There was no doubt the band a great time on stage and it was really fun to see Rosén in action with her band mates again. They did a great job as a warm up for Mustasch and I wished to have seen a little more from the band.

Set list
No More Fucks to Give – intro
No More Fucks to Give
Gonna Get You
Code of the Road
Attitude (Misfits cover)
Hit the Road

The club began to fill up more as it became closer for the headline act to start. There wasn’t much on stage other than a backdrop and the band’s gear. It was obvious that the guys weren’t out on a proper tour but were just doing weekend shows. After a 30-minute long break, it was finally time for Gothenburg’s finest to enter the stage.


The members walked out to the sound of the intro and first song for the night was “Don’t Look Back” followed by the band’s first hit song and what’s become a classic piece in “Down in Black”. That song really woke up the fans, who began singing along with Gyllenhammar. “Money” continued the night; a song I’m not very familiar with. I have to admit that I have, during the past few years, lost a bit of interest in the band and I haven’t listened to their latest EP either. The band consists of:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar
David Johanesson – guitar
Stam Johansson – bass
Robban Bäck – drums

Gyllenhammar thanked the fans and asked if they were ready for some heavy metal while kicking into “Libertá”. As always when it comes to Kulturbolaget, the sound system worked great but not the lights. The poor lighting, in combination with the smoke from the smoke machine, made it really hard to take decent shots of the band.

When the intro “Tritonus (Prelude)” came on, the fans knew what would follow – it was the hard-hitting and mighty “Heresy Blasphemy”. The song is one of the band’s major hits, taken from 2009’s self-titled album. It was around that time the band also lost a few of their original members, although the album won a Swedish Grammy for Best Hard Rock Album of  2009. The fans once sang along as Gyllenhammar wanted to see everyone clap their hands. He also changed the lyrics to “Hey Malmo, here I stand”, which made the fans ecstatic.

As always the guys were an unstoppable machine on stage. Not many bands can beat Mustasch when it comes to a live performance. They have played so many shows that by now they can put on an incredible show in their sleep. Gyllenhammar thanked the fans once again and asked where the girls were and wanted them to scream for him. When he asked where the guys were a roar was heard from the floor which made it pretty easy to realize the majority of the fans in the club were male. “Bring Me Everyone” followed and when the song ended Gyllenhammar again said he wanted the girls and guys scream for him. “You know you are all, “Mine”!”, he said and fired off the song. “Parasite” and “Lawbreaker” followed and it felt like this was going to be yet another epic Mustasch show.

Gyllenhammar said he thought he sensed the smell of booze on stage, “but it’s not me!”. “Here comes a new song in “Destroyer Paranoia”!”. It was nice to hear a more current song from the band, however it felt like the fans only wanted to hear the older, classic material. “Ladies and gentlemen”, Gyllenhammar proclaimed, “it’s time to travel back to the ’70’s, or rather the 1700’s, when I was born. Here comes a drum solo from our drum hero Robban Bäck!”. Everyone but Bäck walked off the stage and he owned the stage alone for a few minutes. It was fairly standard solo until Gyllenhammar and the rest of the band came back. “Here is Johanesson on boogie-woogie guitar!”. Everyone in the club knew what song that was coming up; none other than the classic “I Hunt Alone”. Gyllenhammar stopped singing and let the fans take over the lead vocals, while he looked really satisfied when he heard the crowd chanting the chorus. “I knew you could sing really loud”, he said. Gyllenhammar and Johanesson joked around on stage and seemed to have a fun time together. Johanesson then announced “Barrage”.

The rhythm section of Bäck and Johansson worked perfectly and carried the band with their solid playing throughout the show. “Now it’s time for a song we haven’t played for a while”, Gyllenhammar said, “here is “6,36”. I think time we last played it was during the Malmo Festival a long, long time ago”. The song is a golden oldie taken from the RATSAFARI album, released in 2003. They played an extended version with a lengthy Johanesson guitar solo in the middle. “Black City” included yet another sing along, followed by the epic and brilliant “Double Nature”.

It was so fun to see the band live again! The last time I saw them was back in 2020, just before the pandemic put a lid on our lives. There were no sign of tiredness amongst the band. They had a good time on stage which rubbed off on the fans.

“Double Nature” was the last song of the night and the fans raised the roof and screamed at the top of their lungs. It’s one of the bands biggest hits and an excellent live piece. Needless to say, the fans sang along and Johanesson had the crowd clapping their hands after which he walked to center stage while playing his solo. Gyllenhammar thanked the fans for coming and the band walked off. I saw that the show had only been about 70-minutes so far; the fans weren’t satisfied at all and started to shout for encores as soon as the band left.

Gyllenhammar and the band returned pretty rapidly and he said, “I almost forgot we are in the southern part of Sweden where you have a little song of your own”. It was time for Malmo’s anthem titled “Änglahund”, originally by a very well-known Swedish troubadour from the outskirts of Malmo. Since it’s a classical Swedish tune, everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics and sang along.

That ended the entire show and the band once again thanked the fans for an amazing night together.

This was another extraordinary night with Mustasch giving their all to the fans. Even though Gyllenhammar seemed a little tired, he put on his absolute best and I don’t think anyone was disappointed when they left for home. However, I do wonder why most bands are playing shorter shows than before. All of the show’s I’ve seen after the pandemic have only lasted for about 75-80 minutes, which I feel is too short for a headline act. In my book, a headline act should for a minimum of 90-minutes.

Besides that, the show was great as always!


Set list (not in order and I might have missed one or two songs)

Don’t Look Back
Down In Black
Tritonus (prelude) intro
Heresy Blasphemy
Bring Me Everyone
Destroyer Paranoia
Drum solo
I Hunt Alone
Black City
Double Nature
Änglahund (Hound From Hell)

Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass and thanks to the staff and security for a nice evening.

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