Dying Fetus + Ingested @ Boston Music Room, London

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Dying Fetus + Ingested

Boston Music Room

10th June, 2022

Photos and review by Dovalde Gaidelionyte


It’s been a while, but here I am, back at Tufnell Park venue Boston Music Room. Quite small yet cozy place which is really great for hosting metal performances. On the stage – two very well known death metal bands, Ingested and Dying Fetus.


Upon my arrival, venue was quite full and Ingested just started with their first song. Formed in 2006, three piece band (vocalist Jason Evans, guitarist Sean Hynes and drummer Lyn Jeffs) are real professionals on stage and have 5 studio albums with their newest one being released in 2022!

The Manchester based metalheads didn’t take long to bring all their fans closer to the stage as death metal mixed with some slam bits filled up the place. Mosh pits started to form and I carefully made my way to the front. I haven’t heard this band live before but immediately found myself headbanging to the rhythm.


Every song the band played was welcomed by the audience, mosh pits never stopped through out the performance and around middle of the performance stage diving started to happen. As all this party got more intense, I decided to move to a side and to watch everything from a bit further.

To be honest, it was really fun to observe everything what was going on. The band was communicating with the audience and delivered a great performance and in return – fans were giving back this big, sweaty and seemingly never-ending insanity on the floor.


Time just flew by as Ingested played their last riffs and left the stage. It was time to head out to get some air and to prepare for what is about to happen.

Just before the second performance, one of the already shirtless fans came to me to say that I should move closer to the stage as he and his friends are about to mosh pit straight away! I listened and within moments saw what he meant. Death Metal veterans Dying Fetus appeared and clapping, followed by shouting, welcomed band on the stage. Frontman John Gallagher greeted the audience and the party was about to begin.

Dying Fetus
Dying Fetus

With the first guitar riffs fans went crazy. Mosh pits formed immediately and I was glad I’ve listened to the guy and managed to get out of the center of all of it!

The gig started with a song from their 2003 album, Stop At Nothing – “Schematics”, and was followed by the second song from their 2012 album, Reign Supreme.

I won’t lie, taking pictures was quite difficult as there was no space in between stage and the audience, and for this show, fans were mental! Even though the band itself was quite static, that did not matter to their fans at all. Intense movement, mosh pits and never ending stage diving took place on the floor and the band was visibly happy to see all this happening just in front of them. While being pushed around and dodging all those feet so close to me (yup, still stage diving), I heard the request from the band to do the legendary “wall of death” and realized it was time to leave the front row for those truly devoted people.

Dying Fetus
Dying Fetus

Song after song and it seemed like that venue just ran out of air. People were walking back and forth to the outdoor area to catch a breath but it still looked like the energy of the overall crowd was still there.

The band played songs from probably all of their albums and towards the end of the show announced that new album is coming soon, which means another tour will probably take place in the near future.

Dying Fetus
Dying Fetus

After all this ended, I could not stop thinking that this was absolutely amazing and crazy experience. So intense, so energetic! And even though I am not the biggest death metal fan, occasionally seeing shows of the veterans live is definitely a must.

Dying Fetus @Boston Music Room Set list:

Subjected to a Beating
In the Trenches
One Shot, One Kill
From Womb to Waste
Atrocious by Nature
Skull Fucked
Epidemic of Hate
Grotesque Impalement
Homicidal Retribution
Your Treachery Will Die With You
Wrong One to Fuck With
Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog