Wasting the Genesis – Prey

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Reviewed: June 2022
Released: 2022, self-released
Rating: 2/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Ok, let me get it out there now before I say anything: I am not a fan of deathcore nor technical death metal that borders on the former. If that is a disappointing opening statement for you then you’re not going to enjoy what I have to say about the latest EP from Spain’s Wasting the Genesis.

Prey is the latest 16-minute offering from these Spaniards, and it began mildly enjoyable before reminding me why I normally avoid the aforementioned genres.

Opening piece: “Stem of a Forgotten Race” was mediocre tech-death to begin with, and I was able to stomach the breakdowns but then “Breeding Bacterium” brought about the overexaggerated breakdowns that make my ears bleed back into the mix so I knew this was going to be yet another disappointment from a genre whose existence I still cannot comprehend.

“Genesis” is another easily forgettable piece of deathcore clunkiness with “Thy End, New Rise” rounds off the release with some cartoonish pig squeals that are laughable for all the wrong reasons – as this doesn’t appear to be a band whose themes involve humour.

I guess if there’s anything notable to say about this EP is that it’s an excellent choice for any metalhead who digs everything I have just talked about. But for those of us who don’t go out of our ways for this sort of sound, you’ve missed absolutely nothing at all.



1. Stem of a Forgotten Race
2. Breeding Bacterium
3. Genesis
4. Thy End, New Rise

Band line-up:

Alex – Bass
Dani – Drums
Anibal – Guitars
JJ – Guitars
Jhonny – Vocals

Band websites: