Ufomammut – Kenice

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Reviewed: June 2022
Released: 2022, Neurot Recordings
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Doom metal can be enjoyed for many reasons: the atmosphere, the ambience, the slow and trudging tempo or the horrific vocals that plunge into your heart like a lost soul. But like all other metal genres it can be used for many a good purpose such as meditation or the ability to help one focus when the brain is not fully awake.

Ufomammut, hailing from Italy, gave me that very impression when I was sent their ninth album: Fenice, one which I can only describe as a trancing binaural blur that had me feeling relaxed and ready to face whatever my day had to throw at me. I should note that I gave this album a listen when on my way to work, so to arrive ready and focused thanks to these guys, I would recommend you try the same.

Using their wide and droning musicianship to create an audible void of sound, Ufommamut will have you experiencing some visions of otherworldly natures, as I did with each track creating a futuristic or sci-fi fantasy land through the electric style vocals and buzzing guitars.

For anyone who is interested in the esoteric, the futuristic, or just loves good doom and loves using music to aid with mental health, you really need to check out Ufomammut. They are the best band I have come across in recent years whose work can be used to make you feel uplifted or relaxed, as did Fenice. And speaking as someone whose musical intake doesn’t always include doom metal, this album really did leave an impact, so go check these blokes from Alessandria out.


1. Duat
2. Kepherer
3. Psychostasia
4. Metamorphoenix
5. Pyramind
6. Empyros

Band line-up:

Urlo – Bass, keyboards, vocals
Poia – Guitars, keyboards
Levre – Drums, synths

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