Protector – Excessive Outburst of Depravity

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Reviewed: June 1, 2022
Released: July 1, 2022, High Roller Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

When Martin Missy resurrected the legendary German thrash band PROTECTOR with the The Return of Thrash and Madness demo in 2011 he did so with a completely different band as well, as the band was now based in Sweden rather than Germany. We still had to wait until 2013 for a full length with the release of Reanimated Homunculus, an album that stayed true to the early days of the band with vicious riffing, killer solos and Missy’s signature growl that really is more along the death metal end of the spectrum; which is really what makes this band so unique. Their newest full length, Excessive Outburst of Depravity, is another scorcher from a band that has been quite consistent with their recent output.

“Last Stand Hill” kicks this beast off and it does so with some ferocious riffing and speed and Missy’s unmistakable snarl. While this band is truly a thrash metal band, what set this band apart was that Missy was using death/black growls on their first two albums. This version of the band is no different. This is melt your face thrash with some sick riffs and blistering fast solos partnered with those sinister snarls. Right on the heels of that monstrous opener is the first single they released, “Pandemic Misery.” You may or may not consider it depravity but this is an excessive outburst of riffs and they don’t let up while the solo is brilliantly done. Two songs in and your face is completely melted away, and they are just getting started.

Another track that made me take notice is “Open Skies and Endless Seas.” This song sees PROTECTOR going in an epic direction. While not as fast as the others it keeps a mid pace through out and has some nice traditional metal riffs. “Thirty Years of Perdition” is another unique track that starts off like a folk metal song with some mouth harp but once it gets started it’s furious in its delivery. Once again they are not relying on speed alone to deliver the fury here. But if that is what you are after, “Cleithrophobia” follows it up by grabbing you right by the throat. This track has my favorite solo of the whole album because it hits like a 70s hard rock solo in the middle of this thrash metal monster. And this album goes out the same way it came in, fast and furious. “Morse Mania” is an absolute crusher that almost makes the album seem to abruptly end but that’s what “repeat” is for… and you’ll want to repeat this album.

PROTECTOR are one of the best thrash bands on the scene today and I highly recommend Excessive Outburst of Depravity; and once your neck is healed check out the three previous albums as well. In the press release for this album Missy is quoted as saying, “We release an album every three years while staying with our jobs and families. It’s a good arrangement for all of us.” If that is the formula to making quality thrash albums, then the arrangement works for us too! This will hold me for next three years….. yeah, nah!


Line up:
Martin Missy – Vocals
Michael Carlsson – Guitars
Mathias Johansson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Carl-Gustav Karlsson – Drums

Track Listing:
01 Last Stand Hill
02 Pandemic Misery
03 Referat IV B 4
04 Open Skies and Endless Seas
05 Infinite Tyranny
06 Perpetual Blood Oath
07 Thirty Years of Perdition
08 Cleithrophobia
09 Toiling in Sheol
10 Shackled by Total Control
11 Morse Mania


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