Cairns – Keening

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Reviewed: June 2022
Released: 2022 Clobber Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

It is no secret that the UK black metal scene is one of much strength and versatility, particularly with many acts gaining international renown in recent years. One thing that makes the scene so versatile and unique in its own right is how bands can take the most obscure or forgotten elements of English history or mythology and set them to the best music concocted for such themes.

Cairns, hailing from the midlands, is the latest band to bring a freshly hewn piece of UKBM gold to the table. Their debut album Keening is one I can only describe as an uplifting and breath-taking excursion through an endless valley where the spirits of the lost and forgotten greets anyone brave to venture in.

This band, whose members have strong ties to some of the best UKBM acts at present, have come up with a mix of post atmospheric melodies to set the rolling wonderment of their homeland to music. England and its pre-Christian practices are things of natural beauty and I would recommend Cairns to any metalhead who is fascinated by the deep, rich history of this green and pleasant land.

The musicianship is nothing short of pristine be it harsh or clean vocals or rolling thunder style blast beats. Being only a four-track EP, it is one where the replay value is set to its highest degree, and you’ll be wanting to hear more from this band once it is over.

Check out Cairns for some of the best pagan atmospheric black metal to come from England this year.



1. The Wicker Ablaze
2. When Days Grew Shorter
3. The Eternal Sea
4. Haunted

Band line-up:

Steve Kilpatrick – Bass, vocals
Dave Buchan – Drums
Chris Taylor – Guitars, vocals, synths
Anikó Tóth – Vocals

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