ExxoStack – Terramygdala

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Reviewed: May, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

In mid -April the exxostack album came out, a project founded by composer and producer Jonathan Gabriel Jr. Already in 2020 he had appeared with two first singles entitled: CLOUD and NAOPALLIUM. A year later he published OSTINATOPIA (2021). Now it presents: TERRAMYGDALA, a work that has the enormous quality that it can be enjoyed in a single session from beginning to end.

TERRAMYGDALA is a mosaic of highly technical passages where rhythm changes are constant in all pieces. This helps to appreciate the progressive characteristics of his music very well. The drum blast beats stand out. In addition, its rhythmic bases allow it to increase the power of compositions.

The guitars have a very good sound. It is one of the elements that benefited the most from the great production that this work offers. Riffs and harmonizations refer us to technical Death metal bands; However, the fact that it does not have guttural voices in the compositions allows the melodic and musical qualities of the pieces to shine in all their splendor. There are even pieces like “Neuroplasticity” where we listen to a discreet female voice accompanying the composition —something truly sublime.

Another notable aspect is the harmony that music achieves with the synthesizers. The volume of these lines is not overshadowed at the power of the guitar, much less before the sound of percussion. These elements can be heard enough to add more dynamism and depth to compositions. This shows the great vision that Jonathan Gabriel Jr. has as an interpreter and producer.



Jonathan Gabriel Jr. – Executive Producer, Mixing and Mastering, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums


1 · Trek The Void
2 · The Chaos Structure
3 · Voluntary Discomfort
4 · MetaCognition
5 · BlissNorance
6 · Locus Of Control
7 · NeuroPlasticity
8 · Frontier Path