Solstice Rider – Suffer to Glory

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Reviewed: May, 2022
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Solstice Rider is Jeremy Bluteau’s project, a musician who in 2021 released an EP entitled: STAR OF THE NORTH, a very heterogeneous mixture where we listen to death and power metal at the same time. The result is not new, perhaps the most emblematic example of this type of mixture we will find in Children of Bodom, however, Solstice Rider has a different energy in the sound of its keyboards as these are more atmospheric.

At the end of December of last year Solstice Rider released its debut album: SUFFER TO GLORY, a work made up of 11 songs in which it combines even more elements since it no longer revolves around death and power; add more elements to the degree of changing styles every passage or every four bars.

Musically it is very melodic; perfectly justifies that self-imposed label of power metal. The only death element we hear lies in the voice and the riffs that accompany the verses —these are very intricate, with a very constant beat that sometimes breaks to let the keyboards fill the void and generate an atmosphere that immediately reminds us of a snowy landscape at sunset (an atmosphere that is also not foreign to several black metal bands).

Sometimes you can hear the clean voice of Jeremy himself, in a combination that gives even more dynamism and variety to the pieces on the album. However, his presence is a bit discreet and it is perfectly understandable why he prefers to accompany Chris Bone’s throat-clearing voice.


Chris Bone – Lead Vocals
Jeremy Bluteau – Clean Vocals/Keyboards/Guitars
João Corceiro – Lead Guitars
Gavin Brooks – Bass
Matteo Bressan – Drums


1. Stolen Visions 04:52
2. Cold & Awake 06:09
3. Reveal Me 04:13
4. Nameless & Void 04:17
5. Star of the North 04:18
6. The Owl Does Not Sleep 05:41
7. The Beyond & Further 05:21
8. Constellations 04:30
9. Uncertainty 05:19
10. Journey On 05:35
11. Suffer to Glory 06:00