Various Artists-All For Raven-The Tribute

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Reviewed: May 2022
Released: 2021, L.A. Riot Survivor
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP


I’m a big fan of tribute albums. I have nearly 100 in my library and I’m delighted to add this new tribute album to Raven to the collection.

ALL FOR RAVEN has been produced by L.A. Riot Survivor Records. That name of the label alone begs a lot of questions and the fact that the label is based in London, UK, not Los Angeles, is even more perplexing. I’m sure there is a story there! Regardless of how or why, the company do good work. The well-produced digipak CD comes with an eight-page, full-colour booklet with the key information about each band and a brief note from John Gallagher himself, giving this an official/endorsed feel to it.

Speaking of Mr. Gallagher, he contributes vokills to the opening cut ‘Live At The Inferno’, ably tackled by Italy’s own Admiral. The twelve bands who have heeded the call to pay tribute to mighty Raven each do a fine job in their own way.

What I liked, unlike some tributes is that eight of the twelve-tracks (to the very best of my knowledge) are exclusively for this tribute album. Only Abigail, ThunderSpell, Deceased, and Iron Curtain had released their respective covers previously, and of those, I had only ever heard the Deceased version of ‘Wiped Out’.

ALL FOR RAVEN has a very early 80’s feel to it. It is only natural that this be the case as many consider that to be the band in their influential prime, however, as a life-long fan it would have been nice to see some more ambitious cover choices out-side of the 1981-1983 range. Raven has (as of time of writing) 14 albums and we get tracks drawn from four of them. We get 13 songs from the first three Raven albums and the only outlier is Albatross from India tackle ‘The Savage And The Hungry’ from LIFE’S A BITCH the band sixth album back in 1987.  Maybe one day we will get Part II with some later era picks!

There is a very cosmopolitan or international feel as we get bands from all over the world, new bands and old bands all joining together to pay tribute to the NWOBHM heroes. What I enjoyed is to see hoe each singer tackled the vocals lines. There is no other voice in Metal like Gallagher and some bands on this tribute do make a valiant attempt to hit his notes and other (perhaps wiser?) singers don’t even try to mimic his range or vocal inflections. Regardless, everyone does a bang-up job re-interpreting these classics while staying faithful to the Metal ethic.

While tribute CD’s to Iron, Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio and Slayer are cool they are far more common. Raven joins an elite crew of late 70’s, early 80’s pioneering bands, like Anvil and Riot who have their own well-deserved tribute CD.

Track Listing

Admiral -Live At The Inferno
Sacred Steel-All For One
Avenger -Inquisitor
Skinflint -Hard Ride
Albatross -The Savage And The Hungry
Abigail -Take Control
Martyr -Don’t Need Your Money
Detest -Mind Over Metal
Space Chaser -Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Thunderspell -Fire Power
Deceased -Wiped Out
Iron Curtain -Break The Chain