The Spirit – Of Clarity and Galactic Structures

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Reviewed: May 2022
Released: 2022, AOP Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

When you think of typical black metal themes you’re most certainly going to think of Satanism, anti-religion and the occult, but with the genre moving into the new millennium it’s no surprise that themes of science, space and the future have found a part in what I deem the greatest music genre ever.

We’ve had past bands like Imperialist and Vorga making their mark with themes of science fiction and space adventures, but for those of us who love science and the studies of space and time, we have The Spirit.

Hailing from Germany, The Spirit pull no punches in saying that intelligence and academia are welcome to the black metal canon with their latest album, “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures.” The clarity of the precision musicianship exhibited from the first second sends one on a galactic trip into the cosmos and the unknown.

At first you might think this is another well-executed space metal release, but once you look deeper into the lyrics and the progressive musicianship that would make many a music theory student smile, you realise this is not a band for the average metalhead. The Spirit have built up a brilliant and memorable onslaught of intense metal to welcome new blood into the scene – new blood who feel right at home with their noses in books about astrophysics or the study of black holes.

Imagine a musical journey into the cosmos composed by Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan and that’s Of Clarity and Galactic Structures for you. Whether you’re a massive sci-fi nerd or someone studying for a major in the latest discoveries of space travel, you have to hear this record, it has stuck out above many other albums of this ilk which makes the majority of my musical intake.

A very impressive job from a band I hope to hear more from very soon.



1. Of Clarity and Galactic Structures
2. The Climax of Dejection
3. Repression
4. Celestial Fire
5. Transition
6. Timbre of Infinity
7. Arcane Wanderer
8. Laniakea

Band line-up:

Manuel Steitz – Drums
Matthias Trautes – Guitars, bass, vocals

Band Websites: