Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity

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Reviewed: [May 2022]
Released [2022 Comatose Music]
Rating [3.5/5]
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Trying to make a go at is as a brutal death metal band in a place like Saudi Arabia can’t be an easy proposition. Still, there are a handful of such bands at work there – if Metal Archives is to be believed. How active they actually are, though, looks to be another story as only one, black/folk metallers AlNamrood, has built any sort of substantial catalog – included a brand new album.

Most, however, are like Sijjeel – a decade as a band, a bunch of ex-members and only one EP to show for it. But with a full album in mind, and apparently his patience at an end, sole remaining member Hussain Akbar opted to look to Europe to see things through this time. And he certainly got his money’s worth, teaming up vomitous Dutch vocalist Floor Van Kuijk (Korpse, Carnifloor) and German bassist Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth, and the awesomely named Placenta Powerfist) for Salvation Within Insanity, while also landing a deal with Comatose Music, an American label specializing in brutal death metal.

And Sijjell certainly deliver on their end of the bargain there. Chunky, churning riffs, meaty breakdowns, gallop and chug tempos (with the drum parts programmed by Akbar) and gargly, growly, barfy, squealy vocals from Van Kuijk – who also mixed and mastered the album – all add up to one nasty bit of business. Indeed, Salvation Within Insanity is basically everything brutal death metal should be: dense, malevolent and quite horrific – even without the overt gore or explicit, often misogynistic, violence for which this subgenre is notorious, and which you certainly won’t miss here.

The flesh-ripping, rather epic finale “Inflection To Thee Smut” might be as close as the band gets in that regard – can’t really tell without lyrics, given Van Kuijk largely unintelligible ‘urpiness. But tracks like “Indignation Overcame Me,” “The Affliction Of Deteriorating Minds” or “Climbing Into The Abyss” point to something deeper and more personal even if, again, the meaning is lost amid the spew. And since that is part and parcel of the bludgeoning presentation, I guess you can’t really complain.



Track List
1. Isolation Behind Unrealism
2. Inverted Contentment In Salvation
3. The Affliction Of Deteriorating Minds
4. Mental Paralysis
5. Climbing Into The Abyss
6. Departing From Human Nature
7. Indignation Overcame Me
8. Inflection To Thee Smut

Floor Van Kuijk – vocals
Hussain Akbar – guitar/drum programming
Lukas Kaminski – bass