Ivory Gates – Behind the Wall

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ivory gates behing the wallReviewed: April, 2022
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Ivory Gates is a group born 22 years ago in São Paulo, Brazil. Barely a year after being founded, the ensemble debuted with SHAPES OF MEMORY (2001). Since then the band has maintained a fairly constant rhythm, they have released four more albums. The most recent is BEHIND THE WALL.

It is very curious how the band decided to start this new album with the longest piece of the entire work. “The Book of Life ” is a song that could easily have closed BEHIND THE WALL. This shows us a daring band completely sure of its music.

The style they offer navigates in the seas of a direct heavy metal, that is to say, no influences from other styles are perceived. Sometimes they add progressive passages by breaking the four quarters, which gives great depth to their compositions. However, it is a trait that demands a lot from the listener, because you have to pay close attention to notice it.

The production of the album is excellent. It has a perfect mix that allows you to hear all the instruments. It is as if we could see each of the members playing their instrument, because the clarity with which they can be distinguished is enormous. The sound that they managed to give to the guitars, especially when they harmonize, is incredible.

BEHIND THE WALL is a true revelation. Seven years after their last release (‘UN’KNOWN TRAILS, 2015), Ivory Gates has returned with another excellent album.


ivory gatesLineup:
Felipe Travaglini – Vocal
Matheus Armelin – Guitar
Hugo Mazzotti – Bass
Thiago Siqueira – Drums

The Book of Life
Fall of Jericho
Leaves of Winter
Good Enough
Yesterday`s News
Behind the Wall