Friends from Moon – Astray

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friends from moon astrayReviewed: April, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

A well-worn cliché of all bands is the speech of “searching for their own sound”, when in the end they end up sounding the same as all of them. There are very few groups that really manage to mix different elements and deliver something genuine and unique. Friends from Moon is a perfect and very interesting example. In mid-April its album entitled: ASTRAY was released, consisting of eight songs that surprise for many reasons.

If we had to answer the question: what would the genre sound like in the distant future? We would have to listen to these songs to answer with complete clarity. Each of the pieces is a true melodic and compositional delight. Although technically very regular, there are many arrangements that together offer a true mosaic of sensations.

This has a very good explanation. Friends from Moon is the solo project of Ritwik Shivam, a musician who feeds on almost any genre and uses them completely in his favor. For him, death metal and chillout music can be part of the same musical color palette. This is not surprising; what really stands out is his ability to combine such dissimilar sounds and make them sound good.

The production is another star of the album; you can appreciate a truly professional work. The sound quality is excellent, as well as the interpretation of all the musicians who accompanied Ritwik Shivam in the making of the album. It is very difficult to lock yourself in the prison of subgenres and not appreciate this album.


Ritwik ShivamLineup:
Drums on “Rage On” – Prankreet Borah
Drums on “The Enemy” – Aditya Dutta
Harsh Vocals on “Rage On” – Pritam Adhikary
Vocals on “Marvels beyond Madness” – Gaurav Basnet
Vocals on “Come Together” – Robin Mathew
Lyrics/Composition/Performance/Programming/Production/Mix/Master – Ritwik Shivam
Album Artwork – Shruti Rustagi

1. Rage On
2. Rebellion Road
3. The Enemy
4. Astray
5. Come Together
6. Marvels beyond Madness
7. Riverine
8. Of the Spirit