Avi Rosenfeld – Very Heepy Very Purple XIII

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Very Heepy Very Purple XIIIReviewed: April, 2022
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Avi Rosenfeld is one of those musicians who work alone and achieve truly monumental music. It is amazing how this musician has been able to compose an enormous amount of material with such fluidity and without lowering the quality level. A 2017 interview published in the Telegraph Magazine mentioned that he (at the time) had 37 albums.

At the beginning of April Rosenfeld presented a new album (I don’t know what number it is in his discography) entitled: VERY HEEPY VER PURPLE XIII. A work where he clearly displays all his influences, the simple title already shouts from the rooftops that he is a fan of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple.

Just a few bars are enough to know which bands he is a fan of as he amalgamates everything into very enjoyable pieces. He knows how to perfectly handle all his technical skills. He offers melodically engaging pieces that draw you in effortlessly. He clearly displays his technique without falling into boring/fast passages. Everything is in favor of the song itself. The production is excellent. The amount of elements that he puts into his music is very vast and none of them shipwreck.

An interesting detail is that each piece has different members, as Avi works with session musicians scattered around the world that he knows through the internet. We can say that Avi’s work has the echo of the past, but at the same time it is a work that can only exist in our time. The perfect combination of past and present.

The greatest merit of this work is the power to take the listener to the last second of the songs. It is very difficult to pass up any piece of the ten that make up the album, each and every one is very different from each other.


avi rosenfledLineup

01. Icarus Dream
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Fede Delfino – Vocals
Claudio Acampora – Guitar
Miguel Angel Seiz – Drums
Victor Hugo Santafe Ossa – Keyboards
Ernani Junior – Bass

02. Silver Shines
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Ferdinand Torque – Vocals
Cedric Camus – Bass
Juan Picardi – Drums
Django Stikany – Guitar Solo
Salvo Daddeo – Hammond

03. Bonnie
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Ty Christian – Vocals
Thomas Lofholm – Drums
Milan Pecanac – Bass
Salvo Daddeo – Hammond

04. Nigun
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music (not including Traditional song parts)
Miguel Angel Seiz – Drums
Victor Hugo Santafe Ossa – Keboards
Dan Lizhot – Bass

05. Trapped Under Sea
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Ezequiel Wiurnos – Vocals
Paul Sands – Hammond
Cedric Camus – Bass
Miguel Angel Seiz – Drums

06. Marching To Nowhere Land
Avi rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Rilvas Silva – Vocals
Francesco Convertini – Hammond
CedricCamus – Bass
Abdurrahman simsek – GuitarSolo
Jonas Jonsson – Drums

07. Greed
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Salomao Daud Neto – Vocals
Mike Studios – Guitar
Nick Foley – Hammond
Bernhard Welz – Drums
Ian MacIntosh – Bass
Vaggelis Theodorakis – Guitar Solo

08. Knights Of The Castle
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Gautam Tamang – Vocals
Bill Ray – Drums
Marco Ballarani – Hammond
Patrick Davies – Guitar
Cedric Camus – Bass

09. Ring The Bell
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Sergei Gorlanov – Vocals
Mark Bowen – Hammond
Thomas Lofholm – Drums
Eric Berti – Bass

10. Wild Dogs Of War
Avi Rosenfeld – Guitar, Music, Lyrics
Cristiano Santana – Vocals
Miguel Angel Seiz – Drums
Milan Pecanac – Bass
Salvo D’Addeo – Hammond
Wasi Mazumder – Guitar solo

Icarus Dream
Silver Shines
Trapped Under Sea
Marching To Nowhere Land
Knights Of The Castle
Ring The Bell
Wild Dogs Of War