Igorrr + Otto Von Schirach @ Electric Brixton, London

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Igorrr + Otto Von Schirach

@ Electric Brixton, London

April 16th, 2022

Photo and review by Dovalde Gaidelionyte



A day before Easter southern London venue Electric Brixton was getting packed with people, who were eager to hear some experimental music. The event finally took place after being rescheduled due to Covid-19. Originally, there were supposed to be 3 artists in total, but due personal reasons, Drumcorps were not able to perform, leaving viewers with Otto Von Schirach and, of course, Igorrr.

By the time I stepped foot in the venue, Otto Von Schirach had already started his set. An American IDM and breakcore musician, he already had his fans gathering closer to the stage and making them move to the rhythm. Personally, I am not very familiar with his particular style of music so just started to observe what was going on around me!

Otto von Schirach

A mixture of samples and sounds got me slightly confused and interested at the same time. From “bird dance” and dinosaurs to some grindcore-like pig squealing sounds, it took me a bit to understand where I was and what was happening. The camera in my hands caught the eye of one of the others  in the crowd and we both agreed, that all this experience is definitely interesting and unique.

Otto von Schirach

As a musician, he managed to do an amazing job communicating with his fans, while singing and playing music on the DJ pult. Otto Von Schirach started his career in the 1990’s with his first album release in 2001, so he’s an artist who already has a large audience, well known from across the ocean, and he keeps on growing his “Bermuda Triangle Family” as he called it. Signs of the triangle were rising from the crowd as Otto Von Schirach said his goodbyes and thanked everyone who attended deeply, leaving everyone pumped up for what was coming next.

Otto von Schirach

Around half an hour passed, some sound checks were done and the stars of the night, Igorrr, were ready to come up on stage. Gautier Serre, the creator of Igorrr, is well known for his music, which combines several different styles like black metal, classical music, breakcore and trip hop in unity. Adding the amazing soprano vocals and live instruments makes this band unique and attracts fans from different musical worlds.


Gautier Serre showed up and people went crazy when Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano started playing, I could clearly feel the excitement coming from everyone around me. One by one, the other musicians and singers of the band started entering a stage and the show was about to start.

Following the intro, the band seamlessly transitioned to the music from their 2017 album Savage Sinusoid and switched back and forth mostly in between this and their newest creation, Spirituality and Distortion, which was released in 2020. With two years had already passed since that release, the audience was familiar with the music and danced and cheered along to all of it, although, in my opinion, music from the 2017 release was always welcomed with slightly more enthusiasm.

After I walked out of the pit, I noticed that the venue was even more full and everyone was absolutely into the performance Igorrr was giving. From time to time Aphrodite Patoulidou was talking with the audience, but overall the whole performance was more like a musical than a concert, and in this case it was delivered greatly. Usually I am more for the band communicating with their fans throughout their performance as it creates somewhat cozier atmosphere but perhaps, since the format of performance was not usual, it didn’t feel too missed.


In general, the whole performance looked like a stage musical. Singers changed places with one another on the stage, occasionally meeting up for a piece and creating all that theatrical experience for the viewers. The mesmerising vocals of Aphrodite Patoulidou were simply amazing and proves that an opera voice definitely belongs in the experimental music setting.


The band played 15 songs and the second they left, all the people inside started chanting name “Igorrr” until the guys came back for an encore. I got so excited hearing my favourite song “Cheval” playing! Hearing it live was amazing and apparently everyone around me felt the same.

Overall, the event was really successful and it definitely inspired me to try and explore more of the interesting world of experimental music.


Igorrr setlist:

Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
(Extended Breakcore intro)
Spaghetti Forever
Hollow Tree
Nervous Waltz
Downgrade Desert
Camel Dancefloor
Tout petit moineau
Polyphonic Rust
Pavor Nocturnus
Opus Brain
Himalaya Massive Ritual
Very Noise