Dragonforce, Firewind, Visions Of Atlantis, Seven Spires: Houston, TX. Warehouse Live, 4/16/22

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Review and photos by BuddyH

My Easter weekend was jam packed with metal! After an amazing evening the night before seeing Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Trivium, and In Flames, I traveled a couple of hours to good ole Houston, TX to see yet another amazing metal show!

Gig Rating: 5/5


Seven Spires were first to take the stage. Admittedly, I had never heard of them before. I’m always looking to discover bands that are “new” to me, so I was really looking forward to experiencing them for the first time. As the lights went down, we got the feeling that we were in for something special. We were spot on! Simply put, Seven Spires are absolutely incredible! They blew the doors off with the show opener, “Gods Of Debauchery.” Next up was the speedy and mega-catchy “Oceans Of Time.” With its infectious sing along chorus, “Lightbringer” followed. And that was it- I was officially hooked! Seven Spires are a supremely talented band with equal parts power and symphonic metal and some nice growl vocals thrown in for good measure. They delivered gut punch after gut punch throughout their brief but fantastic set! I strongly urge you to support this band and pick up their latest effort, GODS OF DEBAUCHERY. It is an outstanding album and will be a fantastic addition to any metal collection!


  1. Gods Of Debauchery
  2. Oceans Of Time
  3. Lightbringer (with Herbie Langhans of Firewind)
  4. Succumb
  5. Drowner Of Worlds
  6. Dare To Live


After the amazing Seven Spires set, the next to band to take the stage was Visons Of Atlantis. Ashamedly, I had never heard of this band either. With our jaws still in drop position from the previous set, we had the utmost confidence that we were going to be blown away again. The lights dropped and we were immediately transported to fantasy land via some really textured, multi-layered orchestration. With only faint blue stage lights on, part of the band started the opener, “Master The Hurricane.” After a brief instrumental introduction to the song, a hooded woman walked on stage, and began singing. Shrouded in mystery, our interest was officially piqued! She threw off the hood and completely blew the crowd away with some of the most amazing operatic vocals I have ever heard! A male vocalist eventually joined in and, yep, we were blown away again! The band dress in full pirate attire but don’t let that put you off. Visions Of Atlantis are tremendously talented and their music falls firmly in the epic/fantasy/symphonic power metal camp with full orchestration poured into the songs to create incredible soundscapes. The brief set continued, and each song took us on a majestic new voyage! Support this band and pick up their back catalogue as I did. Truly stunning music awaits!


  1. Master The Hurricane
  2. A Life Of Our Own
  3. Heroes Of The Dawn
  4. A Journey To Remember
  5. Melancholy Angel
  6. Legion Of The Seas


The reason I drove several hours to Houston was to see Firewind. Period. I have been a massive Gus G fan since I first heard him on the Dream Evil debut, DRAGONSLAYER. His playing has completely changed the way I approach the guitar and songwriting. After many long years, my wait was finally over. What could possibly be better than seeing your Guitar God in concert? Meeting him, of course! And that is exactly what I did with my VIP Passes!!!

For an hour before the show, I was able to hang out with Gus and the entire Firewind band. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience to be able to talk guitar techniques, favorite albums, favorite movies etc.… with my favorite musicians. They were incredibly courteous, engaged and deeply appreciative of their fans.

Before the Firewind set, there was a medical emergency in the crowd. Someone had multiple seizures and medics flocked to him to assist. The band came out and watched the entire time the medics worked on the young man. Extremely concerned, Gus addressed the audience to comfort and console everyone. [Note: During Firewind’s set, Gus updated that the young man was ok!]

The band took the darkened stage with an acoustic intro accompanied by Gus playing his signature harmonized lead melody lines. After this brief introduction, the band blasted into “Welcome To The Empire.” The audience completely erupted with almost uncontrollable excitement! Keeping the energy full speed ahead, “Head Up High,” the light speed paced “Destination Forever” and the scorching “World On Fire” followed. As the set continued, the band definitely fed off the explosive energy of the crowd and each member delivered an awe-inspiring virtuosic performance. To be able to witness these elite musicians perform up close was an honor and privilege. If, by some reason, you are not familiar with Firewind, check them out immediately! Gus G is a generational talent and, most important, a decent human being. Artists like this need our support. Hail to the mighty Firewind!


  1. Welcome To The Empire
  2. Head Up High
  3. Destination Forever
  4. World On Fire
  5. The Fire And The Fury
  6. Ode To Leonidas
  7. Break Away
  8. Rising Fire
  9. Maniac


Following Gus G and Firewind is an incredibly tall order. I couldn’t think of a better way to close out my marathon metal concert weekend than watching the high octane Dragonforce!

Seeing Dragonforce is an all-out assault on the senses! As the house lights faded, the sensory attack began as blacklight and neon lit the stage. This only heightened the already feverish anticipation. Suddenly, right on cue, electronic orchestration briefly filled the venue before exploding into the absolute barn burner of an opener, “Highway To Oblivion.” Without catching a breath, the band burst into “Fury Of The Storm” accompanied by continuous massive confetti blasts! The band took some time to thank the fans for showing up and supporting all the bands on the tour. “The Last Dragonborn” slowed things down a notch and the crowd responded, singing in perfect unison! Things got back up to speed with “Heart Demolition.” The highlights were plenty, but nothing could’ve prepared us for what was coming. For fun, the band brought Gus G and a banjo player on stage to solo! It was bonkers, and the guys had a blast just goofing around shredding with each other! As only Dragonforce can do, the remainder of the set was played with mesmerizing dexterity and speed. The musicianship on display was mind blowing. It is evident that this band thoroughly enjoys playing for their fans and we were lucky to have been there to see it! Thank you, Dragonforce!


  1. Highway To Oblivion
  2. Fury Of The Storm
  3. The Last Dragonborn
  4. Ashes Of The Dawn
  5. Heart Demolition
  6. Dracula’s Castle / Fight On
  7. Banjo Solo / Guitar Solo
  8. Black Fire
  9. Cry Thunder
  10. Remembrance Day
  11. Valley Of The Damned
  12. My Heart Will Go On
  13. Through The Fire And Flames