Thomas Gabriel Warrior’s Triumph Of Death performs Hellhammer – Helsinki Finland

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Once upon a time a group of young  Swiss metal maniacs formed a band that had to sound brutal and raw. Of course, the name had to reflect the sounds of metallic aggression and fury. Therefore the name was chosen Hellhammer.  How little did they know, how this band would revolutionary change the sound of metal and would have a groundbreaking and tremendous impact on forthcoming and young metal fans and musicians in the future. However Celtic Frost gained the magnificent legendary status as well as an important factor in the creation of the whole extreme metal scene, but however the most die-hard core fans worshipped HellHammer.  A lot of water had run in the river over the years until now Thomas Gabriel Fischer aka Warrior launched a group only focusing on the material from the HellHammer era under the “Tom Gabriel Warrior’s Triumph Of Death performs Hellhammer” title referring to one of the most appreciated and worshipped HellHammer songs.

From the past to the present day. Triumph of Death was originally supposed to play a few years ago, but it is known the whole world got closed because of the pandemic. Despite some time passed by, the waiting was worth every cent as Triumph Of Death came and conquered. The nearly sold-out Tavastia club was entirely packed with hundreds of old school metal bangers.  The crowd being cavemen released from a cave literally went totally wild, banging and throwing weird jokes to Mr. Fischer to whom he responded.  Tom Warrior expressed his thanks to the Finnish audience for the overwhelming response.

The set consisted of 12 including “Vision Of Mortality”.  The four-piece went thru the so-called classic and legendary Hellhammer hymns. Frankly the whole soundworld was simple as well as raw. Of course at that time bands used to combine of extreme elements of the hard core punk and NWOBHM. Somehow these old HellHammer tunes sounded brutal and even timeless.  The band played strictly, but still had the old school vibe in the playing and sounds. T.G Warrior’s voice sounded raspy and brutal, even though he joked being “too old for this shit”. The guitarist however took over the vocals for “Bloody Insanity”. The gig was concluded by the totally old school HellHammer extravaganza with the bombastic and massive hymn “Triumph Of Death”. As the ongoing conflict in Ukraine couldn’t be ignored at the gig of Triumph Of Death when the color of the Ukraine flags was reflected in the venue of Tavastia, creating a more special as well as gloomy feeling of the current state of the world.

The gig was truly amazing and real gift for all long-time Celtic Frost/HellHammer fans. Hundreds of happy fans crawled out of the Tavastia club after witnessing some magical an rare Hopefully this is one kind of event and the new material from Tryptikon can be expected sooner or later.


The Third of the Storms (Evoked Damnation)
Blood Insanity
Revelations of Doom
Visions of Mortality
Triumph of Death