– The World is Going to Ruin You

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Reviewed: April 2022
Released: 2022, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Listening to bad albums is the toughest part of being a music critic, but as is the case in all fandoms, you sometimes get sent an album so bad it’s actually enjoyable. By this I am referring to “The World is Going to Ruin You,” the latest studio offering from the metalcore/mathcore/nu-metal outfit

For anyone who is not the biggest fan of those genres (myself included), you’d more than likely be cringing if you were asked to put this album on for review purposes. This was the case for me, but after listening to breakdown after breakdown accompanied by childish screams and wails that reminded me of the era dominated by boring pop-punk and emo, I actually began to laugh. appear to have achieved a level of bilge disguised as some mildly experimental mix of contemporary metal – a mix that reminded me just how bad said metal can be.

After making my way through the album, my cheeks had begun to ache as the mildly hefty guitars, predictable drums and screams mixed with angsty breaks offered a trip into some weird yet wonderful silliness that made me question just what kind of audience was aiming for? I’m sure there are hardcore fans out there who want to see a band push the envelope just as I like to with my metal palate but the execution of the music is done in such a way that leaves you confused, particularly for those who are only just getting into these genres.

Given that I am not a fan of the genres this band plays, I can understand the bias and would offer this album to anyone who wants metalcore mixed with post-hardcore and some mathcore progressions, but for those of you who love a decently bad piece of media, I’d recommend “The World is Going to Ruin You” in an instant. If there is a music equivalent of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 somewhere out there on the internet, please send this album their way.



1. Welcome Home
2. The Killing Womb
3. Versus Wyoming
4. Fear in Non-Fiction
5. Lights Out
6. Wherever You Are
7. Magazine Beach
8. Inside Design
9. Hellnight
10. Orgy in the Morgue
11. Wavery
12. Funeral Sound

Band line-up:

Anthony DiDio – lead vocals
Matt Wood – drums
Jeremy Martin – guitar, vocals
Jon Lhaubouet – bass, backing vocals
Benno Levine – samples, turntables