Morning Dwell-The Power Will Go On

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Reviewed: April, 2022
Released: 2021, Retruction Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in 2014 I reviewed the self-titled debut album by Morning Dwell. I loved it and it made my Top 20 for that year. I predicted big things for the band, but I’m afraid to say my prediction was not 100% accurate.

A second, slightly less impressive album came out in 2016 and then the band had a five-year gap between albums. Formerly on the Doolittle Group the band is now in a smaller label Retruction, which is basically self-released. They seem to be flipping in status and/or exposure. The album came out in August and I didn’t see any press about it, in fact I didn’t even know it was out until December!

Their new album THE POWER WILL GO ON is quite short, much shorter than either previous album and it lacks an epic tune. The debut had the song, ‘The Story Never Ends’ which was twelve minutes long and the second album, THE GUARDIANS OF TIME had several songs over six minutes long and the 13-minute masterwork, ‘The Mask And The Clocktower’. This album has eight songs almost all of them in the four-minute range. It’s really striped down.

The most disappointing aspect is that the speed and vitality are lacking. The was a frantic energy that is missing in this record. It’s not bad by any means, but I’m not sure what the issue is. The lineup is basically the same so we can’t blame new members or line-up changes.

Almost every song in the album is quick but not fast. The solos are melodic and good but not displaying the same shredding characteristics the band bus capable of. The vocals are slightly more subdued with Hjerpe singing in a slightly lower register, reminding me favourably of Tobias Sammet’s at times. The track ‘Behind The Gate’ shows signs of life like the olden days and the tithe track is by far the best cut in the album.

I really wanted the band to have a raging album and return to form but unfortunately THE POWER WILL GO ON is a bit underwhelming. The epic components are gone the speed isn’t there making this a solid but average Power Metal album.

Line up:

Alfred Fridhagen-Drums
Michel Barréra Guitar
Ulf Zetterman-Guitar
Petter Hjerpe-Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Track Listing:

1. The Chosen Champion
2. Wandering Man
3. Behind the Gate
4. Twlilight Side
5. Change
6. Book of Damnation
7. We Stand Together
8. The Power Will Go On