Mirror – The Day Bastard Leaders Die

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Reviewed: April 1, 2022
Released: April 22, 2022, Cruz del Sur Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Originally formed in 2015 by former ELECTRIC WIZARD bassist Tas (Real name: Tasos Danazoglou), MIRROR was considered an international band and included American guitarist Matt Olivo (CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, REPULSION) as well as Stamos Koliousis, of the Greek blackened thrash unit SATAN’S WRATH. There have been line up changes and currently Cyprus is their base. This band sticks to the traditional metal playbook; even the sound of the recording reminds me of the 80s. What truly stands out with this band is their energy. No, they are not reinventing the wheel, quite the opposite. Instead they have opted to make their own mark on heavy metal by taking what their predecessors did and making it their own. Even though they were formed in 2015 these guys are no strangers to the metal scene and it shows in just how well they crafted this album.

The first few seconds of this album remined me of IRON MAIDEN’S “Ides of March” with its rolling bass. Then the riffs and a ripping solo come right for the throat. This is high energy traditional metal. Not fast enough to me speed metal and definitely not power metal, this is more like NWOBHM in it’s approach. Vocalist Jimmy Mavrommatis has a higher range and reminds me a bit of old Cloven Hoof. “Infernal Deceiver” is that perfect opener. Not only is the title metal AF but the song just slays. The riffs as well as the perfectly executed dual leads and ripping solos. Some of the solos in this song have a MERCYFUL FATE feel to them and really add to this already driving song. “Souls of Megiddo” follows it up with it’s driving tempo and killer melodies. The bridge and chorus in this song just slay. When it comes time for the second run of the bridge and chorus the vocals are gone and godliest of solos just shreds. This is heavy metal circa 1982 done in 2022 and proves that metal is timeless.

The rest of the album is more of the same. Killer old school metal riffing, soaring vocals and shredding solos. And as much as this would seem like just any old throwback band, as you peel back the layers you find they have their own sound and are unique in their way. Their approach in the way they write their songs is what sets them apart. Skills without being able to write a catchy song will not make an enjoyable album. These songs are not only catchy, they are good. The anthemic “All Streets are Evil” is another track where this shines through. The riffs and solos are executed perfectly and the chorus is really catchy and melodic. Then we have the title track and album closer. This song is more complex than the others on the album and has a strong message as well. There are a few time changes at work here along with a huge chorus. The leads that accompany the vocals have a Ritchie Blackmore feel. In fact, there is no lack of solos on this song. A strong finish to a really strong album.

Heavy metal is stronger than ever and it is because of bands like MIRROR putting out quality metal albums like The Day Bastard Leaders Die. The songwriting is incredibly good and the execution is just brilliant. This is real old school heavy metal and if you listen hard enough not only will you hear a killer MIRROR song, you might just hear something that will remind you of all the killer metal that inspired them. Horns up!


Line Up:
Jimmy Mavrommatis – Vocals
Nikolas “Sprits” Moutafis – Guitar
Dino – Guitar
Tas – Bass
Daniel Georgiou – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Infernal Deceiver
2. Souls of Megiddo
3. Savage Tales
4. All Streets Are Evil
5. Fire and Hell
6. Stand Fight Victory
7. Sleepy Eyes of Death
8. Demon Candles
9. The Day Bastard Leaders Die

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