Kluizenaer – Ein Abbild Der Leere

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Reviewed: April 2022
Released: 2021, Wolves Of Hades / Breath:Sun.:Bone:Blood:
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Initially a one-man German project started in 2015, Kluizenaer (dutch for “Hermit”) are an atmospheric black metal trio. With two EPs and one other album under their belt, Ein Abbild Der Leere (A Depiction of the Void) is their second full-length.

“Verewigung” (“Perpetual”) contain dissonant chords from LLL., vocals that range from rage-filled to wails of despair and a sense of uneasiness which is communicated even in the less heavy moments ensures that language is no barrier. The opener is eleven-and-a-half minutes used wisely, and it begins to paint an aural image of emptiness that the album title hints at, but also a reaction to it.

While its predecessor flirts with aspects of doom, “Es Verbrennt Sich” takes a more anarchistic approach, especially heard through JJJ.’s drumming style at times. The shifts between the slower and faster parts are not as fluid this time around, which does add a layer of uneasiness.

“Ölgötze” is a tangle of otherworldly vocals, the higher angelic notes mixed with a lower, almost choking voice. The ominous percussion does well to add drama to the highly atmospheric track. Although it is the only offering without lyrics and also the shortest, its uniqueness does make it a highlight.

A brief and sudden intro to fourth and final song “Stylit” is the first of a few times in the album closer that will keep listeners guessing. It’s the heaviest song overall, and FFF.’s vocals adapt accordingly. With a title that means “pillar dweller”, the lyrics seem to address the theme of emptiness more explicitly here than on the other tracks, despite being the most eventful.

Even with all the lyrics being delievered in German, the human emotion attached to the words manage to be as moving as the music (track 3 is just as riveting as the other four, despite being wordless). The fact that this release is under two-thirds of an hour long, with only four songs (with the the second longest one being the first) might be daunting to some listeners, but the combined album experience is more than worthwhile. Ein Abbild Der Leere is 38 minutes of chaos, countered with a few spells of calm. For fans of: Altar Of Plagues, Treha Sektori and Weakling.



1. Verewigung
2. Es Verbrennt Sich
3. Ölgötze
4. Stylit

Band line-up:

LLL. – guitar
JJJ. – drums
FFF. – vocals



Wolves of Hades