Immolation – Acts of God

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Reviewed: April 2022
Released: 2022 Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Immolation, the death metal pioneers who put New York on the extreme metal map have returned with album number 11: “Acts of God.” Five years on from the impressive “Atonement” it is safe to say these death metal veterans have well and truly secured themselves at the head table of the American division of death metal, with this album being no exception.

Acts of God opens with some mellow strings before descending into the depths of hell and the underworld formed by the band’s precision blast beats, gritty guitars and vocals one can only liken to some freshly outcast angels being initiated into their new home down below for eternity. It’s a beautiful symphony of anti-religious anger making Immolation fuel the atheist fires they have been blazing for over 30 years on the road.

Having seen this band live several times and followed them for the best part of a decade, I feel this is another example of a band who found their feet long ago and have stayed put in their place in death metal history, Immolation knows whom they are catering towards and have maintained a loyal fanbase which this album will have smiling the moment they put it on. I’m not saying there’s nothing new on this album but it’s easy to assume that Immolation will not make a bad album and once it’s released you won’t be disappointed.

In all, it’s safe to say that this band are here to stay and their line-up changes have been few and far between over the years, so they’ve found the right formula to make good sacrilegious death metal. Veteran and new fans alike will enjoy this one, particularly those who like death metal with few boring breakdowns and not too many tempo changes. Immolation are here to stay and hope I see them again to see this album played live.



1. Abandoned
2. An Act of God
3. The Age of No Light
4. Noose of Thorns
5. Shed the Light
6. Blooded
7. Overtures of the Wicked
8. Immoral Stain
9. Incineration Procession
10. Broken Prey
11. Derelict of Spirit
12. When Halos Burn
13. Let the Darkness In
14. And the Flames Wept
15. Apostle

Band line-up:

Ross Dolan – Bass, vocals
Robert Vigna – Guitars
Steve Shalaty – Drums
Alex Bouks – Guitars

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