Enragement – Atrocities

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Enragement – Atrocities
Enragement – Atrocities

Reviewed: April 2022
Released: 2022, Rising Nemesis Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Wiedemann

Enragement are a death metal/slam band who formed way back in 2006. However, it wasn’t until 2014 they released their debut album ‘Omnimalevolence of Man.’ Their sophomore album ‘Burned, Barren, Bloodstained’ was released through Inverse Records in 2017, but today the band are working with Rising Nemesis Records. Their latest third effort is both technical and furious and it will be released on 29th April, 2022. The group are more intense than many of their peers and their music is inspired by the horrors of war and how it impacts our lives, rather than cliched horror movie ideas. 

This music sure is very mechanical sounding. I’m reminded of Berzerker and Fear Factory, but Enragement have more ambitious structures. You get occasional bass solos, proggy riffs in rhythmical unisons, and sweep picked guitar solos, but for better or for worse, they are fairly uncommon. If you believe such ideas to be cheesy or ostentatious, actually they’re just as crazed as the blasts. Having said that, the guitar shredding in ‘Trade in Viscera’ is full of all sorts of fancy techniques, and there is actually some Joe Satriani style pick tapping! The Middle Eastern scales that are frequently used in the LP have Behemoth flavours. However, the band being discussed aren’t quite as complex as the black/death metal legends for much of the time. The drumming isn’t as adventurous, there are no orchestral instruments or choirs, and the songwriting isn’t as catchy or strong. 

So, we have the middle ground between Berzerker and Behemoth. If that’s what you’ve always wanted, boy are you in luck. That’s not such a crazy desire, as sometimes music can be really repetitive and dull on one hand, and on the other, it can be so complicated, things just aren’t enjoyable. In comparison, there are childish sketches, there are cool and well drawn pictures of skulls, and there are true masterpieces. Are Enragement in the ‘sweet spot’ of the skulls, so to speak? That’s for you to decide. Whilst they aren’t heavier than the first death/industrial metal bands mentioned or more complex than ‘moth, their sound does stand out as very dark and ugly. The scale choices are bleak, and the delivery is cold. Then again, war is bleak too, so the sound does make sense. Personally I think Sabaton’s take on war is far too cheerful!

In conclusion, I wouldn’t say this is what normal people listen to for fun. Even if you’re a fan of extreme music, be prepared for not so much a thrill-fest, but rather a panicky horror fest. Frequent changes of tempo, a wide variety of riffs, (even if some are similar to each other) and impressive instrumental ability from all members do keep things interesting for the most part, but if you told me you love this band, I would assume you were mentally ill. There are times when things do get genuinely enjoyable, for example the absolutely crushing doom riffs in ‘Violent Bigotry’, just remember this album is about war and how terrible it is. This is worth checking out if you’re a more serious person, but it wasn’t really for me. 



01. (In)humanity
02. Sadistic Sedition
03. Lethal Human Experimentation
04. Siberian Frost
05. Decimating Winds of Phosphorus
06. Heavenly Inferno
07. Trade in Viscera
08. Nailed to the Cross
09. Violent Bigotry
10. In Cinder
11. Transcend in Fire
12. Cast into Perishment

Band line-up:

Atte Ojanne – Guitars, vocals
Tuomas Iivanainen – Guitars, vocals
Juhana Korkka Heinonen – Bass, vocals (Re-Armed, Frozen Land)
Lasse Sannikka – Drums (Reflection Dies, Pillars of Crucifixion)