Driven to Revolt – All American Con

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Reviewed: April 2022
Released: 2022, self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

The relentless chug and churn of the remains of the American Dream.

Florida trio Driven to Revolt are here with their debut release to, well, revolt, with both their aggressive sounds and iconoclastic lyrics. In style it’s solid, churning groove metal, that development of thrash that maintains its outrage at the world but exchanges raw speed for tempered grooves and rhythms. The themes are classics of metal as a whole:

“The content of the album explores corruption/disinformation, childhood trauma, the death of the American dream, how easily we can be consumed by darkness, and a song about good times at a dive bar!”

Clear as anything, this comes across as a bunch of guys passionate for the genre and wanting to have a blast making more of it themselves. There’s something inherently infectious to a band just having a good time, and while the unyielding groove forms the heart of the music here, they also wear some other influences loud and proud, as seen in the alt. metal catchiness of “Magnolia”, the thrashier pace of “Who Cars (For No One), or the breakdowns smattered throughout the album. Some tracks also let a heavier, harsher side to the band slip through, as in the swirling grind that opens “No Love Lost”, or the big, bold, room-filling sound of “The Bull Takes the Crown”.

In fact, it’s more of this I think would serve the band well going forwards. All American Con is a good opening salvo, but still feels like it’s testing the waters somewhat. Given the influences we hear bubbling under the surface and Kevin Montgomery’s excellent vocals (gruff but clear, reminiscent of Hetfield more often than not), it’d be great to hear them push themselves more the next time around, maybe crank things up into speedier territory a few times, though that’s perhaps my own personal bias. As it stands, All American Con is a solid showcase of the start of Driven to Revolt’s stomping, roaring journey.



1. Intro
2. Driven To Revolt
3. No Love Lost
4. Magnolia
5. Devil’s Den
6. The Bull Takes The Crown
7. Strip Mine
8. Unsound Mind
9. Blind To See
10. Who Cares (For No One)
11. Skull Game

Band line-up:

Rice Price – Guitars, backing vocals, lyrics
Ozzie Suarez – Bass
Kevin Montgomery – Lead vocals, lyrics