Serbian Epic Metal Powerhouse CLAYMOREAN Release Their First Live Album on Bandcamp….For Free!

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CLAYMOREAN releases their first live album for free on Bandcamp!!!

The new live album of Serbian heavy metal band CLAYMOREAN, titled Alive in Vultureburg, will be released on March 24th 2022, exclusively on band’s Bandcamp page for free. This live album will be a gift to the fans for all their support in the past eight years and counting.

The album consists of 13 tracks, all recorded live at “Epic Heavy Metal Night with CLAYMOREAN & OATHBRINGER” show, which was held in the open air at Dom omladine Kragujevac on July 31st 2021, while promoting the latest record Eulogy for the Gods.

CLAYMOREAN didn’t miss the chance to pay a tribute to their metal heroes – MANOWAR and MANILLA ROAD – playing their immortal hymns “Blood of My Enemies” and “Flaming Metal Systems” to the fiery crowd.

What made this show truly special is the fact that it was among the first live concerts held in Serbia after the coronavirus lockdown ended, and that just a few hours prior to the show a heavy thunderstorm, unlike any storm before, hit the city and its venue pretty hard. We took it as a sign from the gods and despite many technical difficulties and our frontlady Dejana’s injured vocal chords, we gave the audience a night to remember.


Mixing and mastering by Boris Šurlan
Sound recording by Saša Vujić
Photography by Dajana Rojek
Artwork design by Nevena Šurlan

Track list:
1. Hunter of the Damned
2. Battle in the Sky
3. Mystical Realm (Deorum in absentia)
4. Drum solo
5. In the Tombs of Atuan
6. The Triumph
7. Blood-Red Shield
8. Rage of the White Wolf
9. Spirit of Merciless Time
10. Old Mountain
11. We Fight Like Lions
12. Blood of My Enemies (Manowar cover)
13. Flaming Metal Systems (Manilla Road cover)

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