Sepulchral – From Beyond the Burial Mound

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Reviewed: March 1, 2022
Released: February 25, 2022, Soulseller Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Spain’s SEPULCHRAL has been around since 2016 and have released a couple of demos and an EP. They are an old school death metal band that actually sounds like the old Swedish bands of the early years of the death metal scene there. They have that buzz saw tone in their guitars and the riffs remind me a lot of early ENTOMBED. Their debut full length, Beyond the Burial Mound, continues on that current path but don’t try to put them into any specific box because as you listen to this record, you will hear more than just the Swede-death influence on this album. In fact, this album is quality death metal that transcends the early scenes and places SEPULCHRAL right in the league with their influences.

After a brief intro we get pummeled by “Harbor of Drifting Souls.” Almost immediately you hear that buzz saw sound of the guitars and the riffing that screams Swede-death. What we have is the perfect example of how this album is going to play out. There’s not a lot of speed in this or the rest of the songs and not a lot of tempo changes but it makes up for it in riffs. The follow up, “Ceremony of Putrefaction,” is more of the same, thrashy tempo, buzz saw riffs and guttural vocals. There is somewhat lack of killer solos on this album but “Sepulchral Fumes” makes up for that as there is a scorcher in there. This was also the first song released for this album and what piqued my interest in the band to begin with.

As we work our way through this release we see that the rest album is pretty much the same formula in most places. “Cursed Epitaph” actually changes the tempo up a bit more and adds another layer to this album and “Tombstone Thrower” slows it down to almost be a death doom song that actually has an ending that you don’t often find in death metal songs, a slow, eerie piano outro. Rather interesting change of pace. “Bastards from the Grave” actually throw some serious blasts in there towards the middle of the song along with some crushing riffs. Another killer song that could have gone to the next level with a blistering solo. A missed opportunity but not enough to turn me off completely to this album. Those buzz saw guitars and Swede-death riffs is what keeps me coming back. Their cover of Necrophagia’s “Blood Freak” is another highlight of the album and after listening to their cover I began to realize that these guys sneak in some US death metal riffs into their songs in a very subtle fashion and that also impressed me because I was not able to spot it right away.

Sepulchral is a Spanish band that excels in playing sick Swede-death, but as you dig deeper into this album they are more than just Swedish death metal worship. Instead what we see here is a band that has actually taken a classic sound and made it their own. Would a few more shredding solos take this album over the top? Yeah but the charm and attitude of this album makes up for it. I’ll be watching this band closely.


Line Up:
Dusk – Bass, Vocals
Gorka Perez – Guitars, Drums
Gaueko – Vocals

Track Listing
1. The Funerary Dirge
2. Harbor of Drifting Souls
3. Ceremony of Putrefaction
4. Sepulchral Fumes
5. Cursed Epitaph
6. Coffin Miasma
7. Tombstone Thrower
8. Caravan of Putrid Flesh
9. Bastards from the Grave
10. Blood Freak (Necrophagia cover)
11. Eyes Like Burning Catacombs

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