Powertryp – Midnight Marauder

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Reviewed: March 2022
Released: 2022, Rafchild Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Neil Langton

After years of being a powerhouse in Germany’s underground metal scene, Erlangen’s Powertryp finally release their debut album ‘Midnight Marauder’. After releasing the Demo ‘Endless Power’ in 2015 it has taken a long time and a global pandemic to get the debut album released. Mixed and mastered by legendary producer Harris Johns, the album is a mix of classic metal, NWOBHM, speed metal and power metal. As the band put it themselves “Franconian Metal is coming your way so start training your neck muscles and your livers and prepare for Midnight Marauder”.

‘Brothers In Speed’ kicks off the album, a classic chant of “Alright” before the riffs get going and the song starts ripping along. As you would expect from a song with ‘Speed’ in the title, this is a fast paced speed metal joyride. ‘Doors Are Locked Now’ is next, powerful riffs being perfectly matched by the powerful vocals of Johannes Korda. ‘By My Hand’ is a crunching power metal anthem with lyrics about Viking marauders. ‘Bastet’ is a twisted tale of vampires told under the cover of  pounding guitars and drums. Track five ‘Here’s Control’ picks up the pace again, the catchy chorus and bridge encouraging you to sing along. ‘Chapel Of Steel’ reminds me of Manowar both musically and lyrically with its powerful swagger while ‘Hotter than Hellfire’ has speedy riffs delivered excellently and is again a song you’ll find yourself singing along to. ‘Out Of Ashes’ slows things down with a gentle intro before entering into power ballad territory. Track nine ‘No Pride’ hits your eardrums with a scream at the start before pulsating  guitars and drums rip through the song. This would be the final track on other platforms but the CD has an extra track ‘Nail Your Prophet’. Again another good mix of speed and power that pummels your ears.

I really enjoyed this album. Its mix of genres is done very well and you feel you are listening to something that the band have put their soul into. The guitars of Cole Stabler and Stefan Dziallas give a perfect platform for the vocals of Johannes Korda while the drums and bass provide a thumping under currant to power the songs along.

The production is excellent,  Harris Johns has done an amazing job, everything is clear, polished and strong. Personally I preferred the faster tracks and must admit I found some of the lyrics a little ‘cheesy’ but this didn’t detract in any way from my enjoyment of the album. Overall after a long wait the band have delivered a fine debut album well worthy of a listen. I’d recommend for people who like power/ speed / classic metal along with those like a good metal sing-along sometimes.


Track listing:

1) Brothers In Speed
2) Doors Are Locked Now
3) By My Hand
4) Bastet
5) Here’s Control
6) Chapel Of Steel
7) Hotter Than Hellfire
8) Out Of Ashes
9) No Pride
10) Nail Your Prophet (CD bonus track)

Line up:

Frank Prilipp – Bass
Michael Zerrath – Drums
Stefan Dziallas – Guitars
Johannes Korda – Vocals
Cole Stabler – Guitars


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