Perpetual – Backlash

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Perpetual - BacklashReviewed: March, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Perpetual is a band born in 2016, it hails from Poland and they debuted in 2018 with an EP titled: BLACKENING OF THE FUTURE. Two years later they presented the single: “Obliqueness” and in mid-February of this year they released their most recent work: BACKLASH (2022), an EP of six unreleased songs that serve to give continuity to the career of this young and underground band. .

The music that Perpetual offers revolves around a groovy thrash metal. They seek to generate impact through strident and very rhythmic guitars. The voice lines are very subject to this type of riffs, generating very marked and even forced verses; however, the nature of the genre allows it and everything together counts very well because it fulfills the premise.

Technically the voice offers enough within the limits of the style they interpret. It is not a crafted voice, but a voice that shouts the verses with an attitude that combines very well with the rhythm and the aggressiveness of the riffs.

The melody is little explored throughout the pieces; however, there are very interesting passages where the guitars let you hear some licks and even solos, like in “Fourth Dimension”. In addition, they have great interludes between the verses as in “(Not) Importial Words”; this generates very interesting contrasts because they give more openness and color to their pieces.

The production is very good. The instruments were well recorded and no detail is perceived that has been left short in the production. To be a work carried out independently, the quality is excellent. Hopefully this EP is the final step they need to release a full length album. BACKLASH shows that they are on the right path.



perpetualMateusz Gorczyński – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Alan Durajewski – Vocals
Jakub Milszewski – Bass
Mateusz Fryda – Guitars
Łukasz Raczkowski – Drums


  1. Backlash
  2. (Not) Importial Words
  3. Fourth Dimension
  4. Incapacitated
  5. The Unknown
  6. Parallel Reality