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Reviewed: March 2022
Released: 2022, Dry Cough Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Penny Coffin, the Greek/Scottish band, have released their newest compilation, a cassette containing both EPs from the band’s mysterious career. There isn’t much I could find about their history so I would presume they are fairly new to the world of death metal and have certainly taken a nice route with a fun, old school vibe.

The first side “ΤΕΦΡΑ” (meaning ‘ashes of human remains’ in Greek) starts with some very memorable hammer blasts on the drums and some lo-fi growls and guitars which had me thinking of the earliest Rotting Christ releases. Penny Coffin have certainly made a good nod to their country’s musical forefathers if that was the case.

Continuing through the 16-minute EP we hear some very putrid metal composed with basic musicianship which would be inspiring to new and aspiring death metal musicians. Then, we have side two containing “ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔ” (skeletal darkness), which as the title suggests is morose in a dark and somewhat gothic atmosphere. Here we see the band venture into the death/doom territories which yield some of the vilest dark tunes I’ve heard in a while.

Penny Coffin have made one EP that is old school death metal at its finest then ventured into the slower, atmospheric and dense end of the genre that reflects just how dark their output is. I would call this a compilation of the earliest work from a band with plans to bring longer, darker and harder tunes to the death metal world and wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with one long full-length studio album in the near future.

Scotland had berthed many amazing bands for all metal genres and Penny Coffin are the latest in that bloodline to impress this critic. It is good to see a band that embody the audible strength of two admirable nations: Scotland and Greece to show just how good death metal can be when you mix those two great elements together.



Side A – ΤΕΦΡΑ
1. Smog
2. Bootlicker
3. Confinement
4. Jaws
5. Skeletal Darkness
6. Finality

Band line-up:

Panagiotis Rodopoulos – Drums
Daniel Paton – Vocals, Guitars
Joseph Edward Kelly – Vocals, guitars, bass

Band Websites: